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I just now finished watching a Y-H recording — our win was 7 hours ago — you gotta be kidding about Penn pulling the upset. We’re SOLE IVY CHAMPS????!???!
Well… my Dad, Robert Abelson, was SocialPsych and P0liSci Prof from 1953-93 at Yale… took me to my first game in ’66… I’ve bled Yale blue since then, broadcast Yale sports on WYBC from ’82-’88 and did PA for men’s hoops ’89-’92… kept up the fandom despite moving from New Haven to Seattle 30 years ago… now we got our second unshared Ivy title since ’80…
And all I can say is, I’m half-drunk now on Bud and Malibu and there’s more to come tonight!
I hope some of the ’84-’85 dudes I kinda knew are celebrating hard tonight too… QB Mike Curtin, WR Kevin Moriarity, S Mike Tjarksen, G Steve Skwara, PK Bill Moore, P Hank Eaton “the wild man punter.” They beat H both those years, great guys.
Party on Blue,
Bill Abelson


Like you I moved from CT 30 years ago, in my case to Arizona. Those first few years were difficult to even find the Yale scores pre internet. I actually called the press box at the Bowl a few times just to get a score.

30 years later we can watch almost every single game. Thank God for computers.

Tony’s best coaching job. The team could have folded after the Penn loss. Congrats to all these fine young men.

Gentlemen; Sitting in my hotel room overlooking the Charles River savoring this victory over the Cantabs on an afternoon when the defense came to play. Bravo to our squad the sole ancient eight champions.

Hey welcome, Jackass, I mean Jake, Doctor , Quinn the two faced + one
What happened your kid , hasn’t played a down this year. Or are that insecure with your lack of a pedantic pathetic life..entitled POS.

A fine season for Yale, with some very close/exciting games against their top Ivy opponents. Congratulations!
On a non-Yale trivia note… Today, Navy was 0-1 passing and won their game. Army was 0-1 passing and won their game. I’m guessing that they both threw the ball once just to keep the defense guessing.

Ivy Rookie of the Year Josh Pitsenberger
Defensive player of the Year Clay Patterson
Captain for 2023 as well

A memorable victory over the Crimson for the Ivy Championship. Congratulations to this splendid Yale team that played in the words of our fight song “Harvard’s team may fight to the end but Yale will win.”

Great coaching job
The whole team, especially the defense improved during the season
Praise to Mr grooms – no interceptions vs
4 takeaways for Yale

After weak one’s defeat against holy cross when lots of us were feeling pretty down bulldog10JW said that this team reminded him of the 2006 Yale team that lost its first game to a tough opponent and went on to finish 8-2 with an ivy league championship. Tremendous foresight by bulldog10JW. I’m so glad he was right.

At what point does Harvard consider moving on from Murphy? Its the same story for them every year now. Multiple ivy losses, losing the big games. It feels like their immense talent is being squandered year after year. Yes, he won a lot of games back when Harvard simply had better players than everyone, but that feels like a long time ago at this point.

Looking forward to the upcoming Ivy-Patriot Bowl between league champions Yale and Holy Cross on 9/16/23. Too bad it couldn’t have been scheduled sooner.

What a great season! We had so many injuries. We lost key guys on D but kept pushing. Great job on both sides of the and the coaching staff. SOLE IVY LEAGUE CHAMPS!
Boola Boola

Just like 50-43, our defense hung tough at the end.
Here’s hoping everyone with eligibility returns next fall.

Not one word in the New Haven Register. About yesterday’s Yale Championship game. 7 articles of UConn sports. WTH.!! Boston Globe has 3 stories about Yale Game. No support from the local press.

Checked the E News of the register, it was in another section. Other than sports . But it is there.
Thanks for the heads up on the Boston Globe articles.

On the drives that led to the two missed field goals, there were a couple of almost completions on slant patterns where Grooms threw high or behind his receivers. One has to wonder if we had run even more often than we did whether we would have been up by two scores. It’s a quibble, I know, in the face of an otherwise magnificent effort by our team.

Is this the worst men’s hockey team since Paul Lufkin was fired in the midst of a 1-21 season in the 70’s. The team has lost seven straight and been outscored 32-6 this year in 8 games.

2012-2013 – National Champions
2022 – 2023 – ?

What happened?

That’s what I would like to know! It’s embarrassing at this point. How could this once proud program sink so low so fast?

Wande Owens might have saved the game for Yale yesterday when he made the tackle on the QB on 4th down one yard short of the line to gain on Harvard’s 2nd to last possession.

Gentlemen; congratulations to Mr. Owens for being elected Captain of our Blue squad. a well deserved honor. I do wonder how many other squad members listed as seniors have another year of eligibility.

I think the way to tell generally is to count the seasons they played. If they’ve only played they are eligible. In the case of Wande Owens he played 2019, 2021 and 2022.

Another less common way would be with medical redshirts. I believe Hickey will be eligible to return as a medical redshirt as he incurred his injury in the 3rd game of the season. The rule I believe is the season ending injury has to incur in game 4 or earlier. Unfortunately Oso is not eligible as his injury occurred in week 5.

Spring roster will let us know for sure and that should be out in March I believe.

Congratulations to Joe Conlin The Head Coach at Fordham and former Defensive Coordinator at Yale . On playing in the 1st round of NCAA playoffs. This Saturday against New Hampshire at 2

I’m so proud of this team!
Sure, it would be fun to see them in the playoffs. But how would they do in the Fargodome against North Dakota State? That’s probably a bridge too far.

They said the same thing. With Army , Cal Poly, Navy etc . Personally I think Yale will be even stronger next year. Unfortunately we have a AD with no guts Morgan State, Sacred Heart puhlease.!! Colgate mentality small minded . As one idiot always says ( shaking fist at Vicky Chun. She just doesn’t get it. Bring back The Radio Broadcast.! It would help with advertising with the games Vicky. Market your product. Attendance was horrible.and has been under your tenure. Smarten up

Gentlemen; Back in the nutmeg state sipping my morning coffee I decided to do a little investigation based upon the astute direction of Mr. Son of Eli. After a review of the number of freshman members listed on the 2019 squad it appears there are several seniors listed this year who have another year of eligibility similar to Mr. Owens including our blue much improved starting inside linebackers and stout interior interior defensive linemen who will permit Mr. Patterson to play his best position as a defensive end. As a side note the new defensive line coach did a superlative job this season and hope he will remain for the next.

In trying to figure out who’ll be at the Bowl on 9/16/23 to break lances with the knights of the Holy Cross, don’t we also need to consider Portal 31, a.k.a. the Transfer Portal, which to me resembles those scary black holes that are capable of swallowing stars, not to mention football players.

By the way, does anyone know what the reason was for the unsportsmanlike call on #21 after Moore’s INT that sealed the game?

Sometimes the ref’s let you know, this time they didn’t.

Just curious, because I didn’t see a #21 anywhere in the TV view

I like Jack Ford, but he is not Ron Vaccaro , Jack Sidlecki. Who if they were doing the game. We would have had the answer to that question.
Bring back Yale Football on the radio

Funny how a league of schools that supposedly believe in treating everyone equally and push a liberal agenda have no problem discriminating against one particular sport.

Am I being too political?

What does losing to Penn have to do with the Ivy League’s discrimination against football?

If an all women’s sport was the only sport excluded from post season play it would be the basis for a Title IX lawsuit. Could you imagine the uproar if only Women’s hockey was precluded from post season play?

Here’s the Yale Daily article on The Game. Nice quotes near the end from students about the truly maniacal atmosphere Saturday on the Blue side.

Truth be told, I don’t mind a couple patsies on the schedule — all the “big boys” of college football do it. Meeting Holy Cross is competition enuf to prep for Ivies. Besides, I still lust for first undefeated season since the two in the ’60s!

“ Every Yale student needs to pack the [Yale] Bowl next season.”

Would be nice to see that happen

Many students spent the entire game with their backs to the field showing no interest in the game – instead they were freaked out that there wasn’t cell phone service in H Stadium.
The fact that football was being played was totally incidental to the annoying group that stood in front of me, waving to friends for the entire game..
Years ago students (rightly) got the best seats (according to class seniority) because it was “their team.” and they were connected to the outcome. Hopefully this effort will generate a semblance of that kind of student enthusiasm and support in the Bowl next fall.
Most on this Blog are from a different era of Yale football. New blood is needed to maintain the tradition.

The last time I went to theHarvard game at Harvard stadium, I had an aisle seat opposite the Yale student section. I experienced the same type of behavior by the Yale students,or worse. They only go to the Harvard game to party.. Only a handful of them go to the games in the Bowl. What an insult to the players. How about the shrinking Yale band. As a Yale grad I am truly disgusted

Bulldog Bill, like you and others . I would love to see Yale , go undefeated . Football Team in my lifetime. Maybe with a Colgate type schedule it can happen.

Gentlemen; Just one man’s opinion although I admire Mr Grooms guts and moxy the coaches need to help him get rid of the passes quicker to the split ends who were wide open but failed to delver the pass on time . Rest assured this is not a criticism but an observation . Also Mr. Grooms best pitch was the fade down the left sideline none of which occurred in either the tiger or cantab contest.

After watching the last few minutes again, I was wondering if Dean should have been flagged for intentional grounding on that last desperation pass (for lack of a better term). He was in Patterson’s grasp and obviously was just trying to get rid of the ball. Isn’t that classic grounding?

Obviously it didn’t matter, but what if that “pass” had been incomplete. There would have been about 30 seconds left.

In the grasp is not a rule (never a rule in college, was in the pros but no longer). Knee was not down. Plus no intentional grounding given pass was intercepted.

Never thought it was a rule. What in the grasp did was force Dean to fling the ball with no thought, obviously, of where it was going. And the INT should have no bearing on calling a penalty. Yale could decline the penalty.

Was he in the tackle box. Did the ball cross the line of scrimmage. Was there an eligible receiver in the area

I think he was outside the tackle box and the ball crossed the line of scrimmage so no intentional grounding if it wasn’t intercepted

Congratulations to the All Ivy Elis and Coach Reno for your well deserved awards.
Thank you for providing such an enjoyable Championship season.

Congratulations Coach Reno on the well deserved award and congratulations to the multitude of All Ivy selections for Yale!

Gentlemen; To all our squad members and coach who received accolades congratulations well deserved.

While Rookie & COY were well deserved, the Elis got shorted across the 1st/2nd teams. Defense led the league in Total D, but only got 1 first team nod. Rushing D was strongest in the league yet linemen were relegated to 2nd & Hon Men. Meanwhile P & H had 7 combined first teamers in defense.

Offense was the same story – led league in Total Offense and had the 2nd, 3rd and 4th leading rushers. Peterson and Oline were dominant all year, yet P & H had more players on 1st/2nd teams. Glad the Bulldogs took home the most important prize.

Thank you, Bulldog10JW.
The replay is something to savor over the cold winter, particularly by someone who lives only a short walk from cold, cramped, vertiginous Harvard Stadium that no longer flies a Yale flag over the visitors’ side. Someone should remedy that.
Meanwhile, cheers and congrats to a wonderfully cohesive team.
L et V
P.S. Does anyone know what to do when the horrid CAPTCHA directive erases your message?


The same person who posted this years game, also posted the 2019 game. If you look through his list of videos, and there are a lot of them, you should be able to find it if you want to reminisce.

Good for him. He had a great senior year and was an excellent captain. Since he still has NCAA eligibility, best of luck to him wherever he ends up.

Thanks for the update SOE, and the John Rogan clip. The talent at Yale, on both sides of the ball, from 1979 to 1981 may never be matched.

And here’s hoping all the great Yale fans here have a wonderful holiday season.


Ignorant comment – checks the stats when it mattered in the 7 league games:
Pitsenberger: 95/490yrds/6tds
Butler: 96/356yrds/6tds

The last 2 games of the year, when it mattered most, separated the winner (#34) versus the assumed runner-up (#21).

Am I the only one who finds it a bit odd that 2 teams from the NE/upper Midwest travel to the desert to play ice hockey?

Do those who depart via Portal 31 receive their degrees from the place to which they transferred rather than Yale?

If the player is transferring to play as a graduate student than they get their undergrad degrees from Yale. If they are transferring to play as an undergraduate then they get their degrees from the school they are transferring to. I believe n the cases of Gargiulo, Ells and Abraham they will all be graduating from Yale and are seeking to play their remaking year of NCAA eligibility as a graduate student. Ivy League rules do not allow for graduate students to play.

Are the moderators going to provide a write up of The Game, and where will we be able to find season-end stats of the sort that appeared in the weekly game notes?

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