Ivy Awards

Yale 6-1, Ivy League Champion

Penn 5-2

Princeton 5-2

Harvard 4-3

Columbia 3-4

Cornell 2-5

Dartmouth 2-5

Brown 1-6

Rookie of the Year – Joshua Pitsenberger

Coach of the Year – Tony Reno

First Team All-Ivy

Nick Gargiulo, OL

Kiran Amegajdie, OL

Nolan Grooms, QB

Joshua Pitsenberger, RB

Wande Owens, DB

Jack Bosman, K

Second Team All-Ivy

Jackson Hawes, TE

Reid Nickerson, DL

Clay Patterson, DL

Hamilton Moore, LB

Honorable Mention All-Ivy

Jonathan Mendoza, OL

Cubby Schuller, OL

Tre Peterson, RB

Mason Tipton, WR

Ryan Lindley, WR

Alvin Gulley, DL

Adam Raine, DL

Joseph Vaughn, LB

Kyle Ellis, DB

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Could we please have some end game analysis for the Yale Harvard Game. Let’s get have a list of recruits aside from your viewers accounts. Be more like Roar Lion and BGA. ?

Interesting to go back on this site and read the comments after the Harvard game in 2021. Some were very prescient about what would happen in 2022.

That was a very traumatic loss..A game that Yale should not have lost. But did in very bad fashion. So what’s your point. Amazing what a year makes . The team learned how to close the deal and win. Also changing 6 coaches that Reno hired . Did a tremendous job.

I agree that the coaching staff changes were the main difference between last year’s 5-5 record and this year’s 8–2 record with a sole championship. Also agree that Reno deserves the credit for making these hires. Reno’s strength is in team building, whether that’s in player recruitment or coaching staff hires. Hope this current staff holds together for Team 150.

Another major contributing factor to this year’s success: reduction in penalties. Yale was 3rd-lowest out of 8 teams in penalty yards in league games. Considering how they’ve been 8th out of 8 by a large margin in most recent years, this was a huge improvement.

Cole Hagen , the Yale QB who transferred out to BYU. Never saw the field this season. He was good. But not that good.
Chris Brooks who was a Hellava WR, got poached by Wisconsin. He didn’t see too much action as well.
I wonder if any of these young men would consider coming back.? Just a thought

Cole Hagen was a gray shirt this year, preferred walk on. He was not expected to suit up, let alone play. That being said, it is unclear where he’ll end up on the depth chart. There will likely be an open competition for QB at BYU next year.

He had a great season. His last minute interceptions basically ended the Dartmouth and Harvard games.

Are those behind this blog going present their analysis of the Harvard game, and where can we go to find Team 149’s season ending stats?

Many thanks, Bulldog10JW! If you can bear another inquiry from an ancient Yalie, please let me know where you found the above link to season stats. Thanks again. Anon

Gentlemen; Mr. Moore was indeed a pleasant surprise who improved each week turning into a stellar linebacker. There appears to be seven pigskin encounters at the bowl next year.

Time for Yale to start a week earlier and add another game.. Be added to the FCS playoffs.
Long over due

Agree, JH, but I feel we are banging our heads against a wall hoping for sensible and necessary change from Ivy League Presidents.

Just finished a book on the Yale-Harvard rivalry called “The Only Game That Matters” and I couldn’t put it down. The book brings to life the origins and the rich traditions of “The Game”.

At one point the assertion is made that the team that wants to win the most usually does. Therefore, this should be required reading for every Yale coach and player, as it definitely will stir the passions to Beat Harvard! It’s a great read also for Yale fans in the off-season who can’t get enough of Yale football.

Sounds great, SOE. I’ll have to add it to my collection.

There are several great books for Yale fanatics if you can find them that most who post here probably have read.

“The Yale Football Story” by Tim Cohane
and its sequel
“Gridiron Glory” by Thomas Bergin

Together they cover Yale football history from the beginning through 1972.

Bergin also wrote “The Game” which covered Yale-Harvard football history through 1983.

Rich Marazzi’s coffee table book, “A Bowl Full of Memories” celebrates the Bowl’s 100th anniversary and there is, of course, Carm Cozza’s autobiography “True Blue”.

Yale Football Commit
Spencer Merman, 6’6” 245 lbs TE/DE
Charlotte Country Day Charlotte, NC
All State in Football
Offers from Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Navy, UConn, Penn, Princeton and Dartmouth

The book is worth reading, but Old Blues should keep in mind the authors are Bostonians and the long-time Harvard broadcast team. The text needed a good scrubbing by a close student of Yale football, because it is potholed with factual errors, mostly small and mostly relating to Yale. My main problem with the book is not the factual bloopers. It is the authors’ overstatement of the historic significance of the Y-H series. In other words, there’s no recognition of the greater significance of the Yale-Princeton rivalry during the first 40 years or so of Yale football. The Y-P series is not only older and longer than the Y-H series, but it has determined, over the long sweep of college football history, the National Championship more times than The Game.

I agree Texas Eli. I noticed the Harvard bias and some minor factual errors too. Still a great book and well worth the read.

This should be a required course offered at the university . With this admission to all the games . After 4 years you’d fill that bowl with students. It would be a snowball affect.
Along with easing of the other policies placed . Over the last few years.

Very important weekend, several Football recruits coming in . 1 in particular Donovan McKoy WR from St. Joesph Regional. 6’5” 210lbs . Yale would do well to have this young man come into the Blue
I still wish Yale had Chris Brooks , they lost to Wisconsin. I hate badgers


QUINCY BRIGGS, DB/WR , 5 ‘ 10 ” , `165 LBS
COOPER AUSTIN , DL , 6 ‘ 2″ , 280 LBS.
DYLAN GARRITY, O/L . 6 ‘ 4 ” 270 LBS..
DONOVAN McKOY, W/R 6 ‘ 5 ” , 210 LBS.
LUCAS WITT, O/L 6 ‘ 6″, 280 LBS.
PHOENIX GRANT, S , 6 ‘ 2″ 185 LBS.
CO.OPER BROMSTROM. ATH, 6 ‘ 3 ” , 235 LBS.
:JOHN KEMP, DB, 5 ‘ 10 ” , 175 LBS.
AIDAN WARNER, QB, 6 ” 4″, 215 LBS
SPENCER MERMANS, 6 ” 6″, 248 LBS. L/B. T/E, OR D/E


Great job Ray. Thank you.

Quincy Briggs was originally part of last year’s recruiting class but did a post graduate year at Loomis Chafee. He reminds me of Deion Randall in his speed, versatility and size. He can run, catch and play defense. He’s also an excellent punt and kickoff returner. He had offers from many power 5’s including Arkansas and LSU.

The problem is Tennessee is in the radar with this young man. As Carm, used to say. When I see them at practice. Then I know that they’re here.

A couple more?
CHRIS WHITE,CB 6′ 0″ 180 lbs, Lincoln HS, San Diego, CA
BRICE JUNE, WR 6′ 2″ 190 lbe, Măreț School, Washington D.C.

Gentlemen; This award belongs to our blue football heritage. Wake up Ms.Chun and the athletic department don’t let this pass by..

Old Blue,

Didn’t Kelley and Frank both donate their Heismans to Yale? Or were those merely replicas? I remember a halftime ceremony many years back.

Holy Cross beats New Hampshire 35-19 in the FBS playoffs. They will most likely play #1 South Dakota State next.

Mike Sanford Jr. Former assistant coach at Yale under Tom Williams , was let go afterDeion Sanders was hired at Colorado last week.

Will there be a write up of The Game and thoughts about 2023 by the moderators of this site? Surely this season deserves it. Can’t just let it silently expire.

We shouldn’t worry about Yale Heismans, both are on display in Ray Tompkins House. From what I understand, two Heismans are always awarded each year, one for the individual, the other for the college.

If I remember correctly, Larry Kelley’s Heisman was auctioned off a few years ago. The winning bid was just over 300k. I think it ended up in a sports bar somewhere.

Thank you Bulldog10JW for posting this gem. It was great to watch the strong 1987 Yale team take on the Garrett brothers of Princeton. . After watching I was left wondering how Dean Athanasia missed playing in the NFL. Also why Jason Garret made the NFL and not Kelly Ryan. It was also nice to see the great crowd at historic Palmer stadium. I only went there once, in 1977. Too bad they tore it down.

Kelly Ryan was with the Cowboys, in spring camp I believe, in ’88. But during or just after that, he suffered a blood clot in his throwing arm. He was okay, but advised not to play football again.

Could the Moderator , please have an end game analysis of The Yale Harvard Game. Could you also put a list of the incoming commits . While you’re at it a list of which players are in this Transfer Portal . Thank you

What a great production by Direct Tv. I think the quality of the announcers and the camera work surpasses ESPN’s coverage today.

I had forgotten Eric Johnson also punted for Yale. Walland’s performance was one of the gutsiest I’ve ever seen. What a leader and a winner. I see a lot of the same attributes in a Grooms.

Walland and his receivers put on a passing clinic in the 2nd half. Team #150 should all watch this for inspiration.

Thank you Bulldog10JW! These videos are and incredible early Christmas present to Bulldog Nation!


Glad you and JH enjoyed them. I hadn’t watched them in a long time myself. My son did most of the work, getting them put on a flash drive and then uploading them to Rumble.

I have some more tapes, but no really “big” games. I may do a few more during the long off season.

It’s a great way to celebrate Yale’s 150th anniversary. I wouldn’t count on Yale’s current Athletic Department to do it properly so it’s up to us fans. Please keep them coming. Any win over Harvard or Princeton is a big game.

You have the 1989 Yale Dartmouth game by any chance? I would love to see something from that season. The game was televised on ESPN.

Thank you so much. BD 10JW . I’ve been looking for that for years.. how about the 1981 Yale Navy game.?

That was fantastic, what a time to be able to witness those teams. Smiling so much my girlfriend thinks I was up to something. Thank you again. BD10JW

How can the moderators omit a write up of the Harvard game, the game that sealed our championship? It’s really disappointing, unthinkable actually. C’mon guys. Earn your keep.

Some comments on the fantastic highlight films:

I hope Yale is commissioning a film production company to do something similar for season #150.

Dick Jauron sure was fast! I didn’t know Yale ran the Wishbone in 1972.

Yale sure held onto those old goal posts for a long time. Penn was using modern goal posts in 1968 while Yale was still using the old fashion ones in 1972

What happened to the Yale band? Look at its size in years past compared to its size today. Yale needs to double its current band size, if not triple.

What happened to the canon after touchdowns? A lot better than an air horn.

Yale used to recruit heaving from the North East, especially Connecticut. For example Diana and Pagliarillo were from Ct, Jauron and Johnson from Massachusetts, Rogan and Reese from New York, I wonder if some local talent is being overlooked today.

Speaking of players from CT, Bob Perschel, the 1972 captain and a very good linebacker was from Milford, and two very good players were from Trumbull. Serge Mihaly and Phil Tarasovic, the 1955 captain.

I asked that same question to Tom Beckett, the year before the Yale Bowl 100 year anniversary.. that cannon rocked the Bowl. The Cheerleaders did actual stunts and interacted with all fans. Not just students. They went to each endzone. These kids now a days are on imaginative. Big games the band would have over 100 members.

This is why I bang my drum so hard. Those were great times. Low attendance was 30,000 for a Brown or Columbia game. My father would have us park the camper on Central Ave . On Friday afternoon, During a Harvard weekend see the Freshman, JV games . Have burgers , steaks hotdogs beans , salads. Bacon and eggs in the morning. Calf liver and onions on a hard roll. To bad things are in the state it’s is now. Those were great times.
With the amount of running backs that Yale has. I would love to see Reno put in the Flex bone. Which Cozza ran during that era. Yale would steam roll teams

With Allston, Peterson, Pitsenburger and Grooms Yale certainly has the personnel to run the wishbone. Assuming Alston is coming back. I believe he still has a year of football eligibility if he’s not graduating. Does anybody know?

I asked the new ChatGPt which uses artificial intelligence to write a poem on Yale football. This is what it came up with. Not bad.

Yale football, oh how we love to play
On the field, we give it our all
With heart and soul, we give it our best
To win the game and earn our place in the hall of fame

We come from Yale, a place of pride
Where knowledge and skill are intertwined
We are the Bulldogs, fierce and strong
We will fight until the final whistle has blown

We are brothers, bound by a common goal
To play with passion and never lose control
We will tackle and block, run and pass
We will do whatever it takes to come out on top

Yale football, we are the pride of New Haven
We will fight and never give up
We will play with honor, dignity, and grace
Yale football, we are a force to be reckoned with

So let the games begin, let the battle commence
We will fight with all our might
Yale football, we are ready to take on the world
And we will never back down.

You need an explanation.? The board is dead. With a lot of information not being made available. Buehler, Buehler, Buehler, Buehler

For those interested Holy Cross plays #1 South Dakota State on ESPN tomorrow at noon.

I’m curious to see if HC can make a game of it.

I hope Holy Cross wins the national championship then Yale beats them next year in their season opener.

Ivy League could play with these teams in the FCS playoffs. Especially Yale University Bulldogs . It’s in the heritage of Yale in its self.

Holy Cross up 7 -0 on South Dakota State 1st drive 56 yd run up the gut from QB Sluka, Yale will be facing him next season

Rb pass fir a Holy Cross Td on 4th and short. Holy Cross’ play calling is superior to Yale’s. Saw the same kind of creativity when they played Yale and Fordham. Hope Yale works in dons new plays next season.

Actually that play reminds me of a play used against Harvard in 2016 for a first down inside the Harvard five on a fake FG. Then Alan Lamar ran it in for the TD.

Tony needs to start looking at film now to figure out how he is going to stop that Holy Cross QB next year.

So, since Yale won, has everyone forgotten, or at least doesn’t mind the blue pants. My own opinion is, if they wear them every game and go undefeated, I would be fine with it, but I also think Yale already had the best uniforms in the league, if not the country. Why change?

I agree. They looked better with the white jerseys. The all blue against Princeton was a little too much.

Bring out the Blue Helmets, it’s all good . Especially when they win. I expect great things from this team next year.
I would love to see them implement a wishbone style offense. Jumbo package for the goal line.
Put Tutus , in at WR . Throw to him so he can throw .

Gentlemen; congratulations to Mr. Grooms well deserved. It also does appear my prior comments regarding developing a quicker release make me look like the classic horses arse a distinction normally reserved for our cantab contingent. l do implore our fine coaches to assist Mr. Grooms in refining this aspect of an otherwise talented signal caller.

A sartorial comment: Tony or Vicky or one of the horde of our athletic department’s surplus administrators should have squared away our QB’s necktie before the awards ceremony. What’re things coming to or to what are things coming?

Always room for improvement, well done to all the players , coaches and staff. Great year, on to better things for the upcoming season. That’s why you lift those weights.

I would like to see these young men, be able to expand their competition to allegedly better teams.
But I truly believe that ivy teams can play with anyone. Especially with the class of athletes coming in.

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