YaleFB Awards

MVP: Joseph Vaughn, Linebacker

Senior of the Year: Joseph Vaughn, Linebacker

Junior of the Year: Alvin Gulley, Jr., Defensive Tackle

Sophomore of the Year: Joshua Pitsenberger, Running Back

Rookie of the Year: Osize Daniyan, Safety

Most Improved over Career: Jermaine Baker, Linebacker

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Jonathan Mendoza, Tackle

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Clay Patterson, Defensive End

Offensive Skill Position Player of the Year: Mason Tipton, Wide Receiver

Defensive Skill Position Player of the Year: Joseph Vaughn, Linebacker

Specialist of the Year: Jack Bosman, Kicker/Punter

Most Underrated Player: Zion Dayne, Special Teams

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Would argue Larry is most underrated. 5 key sacks against H and P is rare, especially in championship games. Not sure where he was all season. Boola Boola!

Will Yale have any 5 th years coming back. Is anyone transferring through the portal. How about and updated commitment List..
Who are the top 3 players in which Yale are seeking to come to New Haven this summer.

I’ve seen posts that Owens, Vaughan, Patterson and Mendoza have entered the transfer portal. All are seniors.

Heartiest congratulations to all the award winners and all Ivy selections. Thank you Team 150 for another Ivy Championship and splendid win over Harvard.

I would like to see lights installed so games can start at 2:00 or even 4:00 and see if it helps attendance. And, of course, for the occasional Friday night game.

Football was meant to be played in the daytime at The Yale Bowl. Lights cast a glare off the seats and concrete.
Rutgers has offered a scholarship to Jonathan Mendoza, Clay Paterson is entering the portal as well.

Really? I thought he was a junior. I even thought he might play two more seasons. Did he even see the field this year?

If I remember correctly he walked with the Seniors. Also his linked in page days he’s attending Yale only to 2024.

No dust under his feet, smart kid. He is going to do well in whatever he wants. I look at this way. Yales cupboard isn’t a lot talent coming back. Some untested, it seems to me Howe, is of the same ilk as Vroom Grooms. Younger ones also. Looking forward to next season already.

I would guess that Brandon Benn might be eligible for a 5th year, if he chose to use it, getting hurt very early in the season.

Based on his high school stats and numerous FBS offers Brogan McCaughey seems to me to be the best option to start at QB next season.

I Agree. However, he has not played for two years while at Yale. Was he injured? I am curious about a commit- Brendyn Fleharety from HB High School in Hilliard, Ohio. He had some very good stats this past season. Also, Eddie Palumbo ( LB) and Dennis Rahouski ( OL ) have received some plaudits for their play.

That’s why they’ll be be having head to head competition. To see who it will be. What does Yale have 5 or so QB candidates.? It certainly will be an eye opener.

Outstanding quarterbacks ( Rawlings and Grooms) and remarkably talented receivers (Shofi, Klubnik, Tipton) provided the offense that helped Yale attain 4 Ivy Championships. The seasons Kurt and Nolan became starters were 3-7 and 5-5 respectively. This coming season we will again have a new starting qb yet to be determined. We should be confident Coach Reno has recruited some talented players to compete for that position but transitioning to a new qb and having a winning season will be very challenging.
It may be more difficult to replace linebacker Joseph Vaughn who displayed some of the best solo tackling since Yale’s great John Zanieski.

2016 was a disaster until Rawlings took over at QB as a freshman. 2012 was another disaster season as Yale transitioned to a new starting QB. Even 2021 wasn’t exactly smooth, so there’s reason to be concerned.

Going back to the Cozza era 1988 was another extremely difficult QB transition year. Keeler had to be pulled off the baseball roster in desperation.


Let’s make another historical comparison. I’m hoping that 2024 Yale football follows the path of 1969. After the great seasons of 1967 and 1968 there was much gloom about losing Dowling, Hill, and Weinstein, and the prospects looked fairly dim. But Carm had built a winning tradition and 1969 was a championship season. I’m thinking Tony may have also built that winning tradition. We will see.

Your’re right bulldog10jw. The 1969 team with Joe Massey at qb gave a preview of the winning tradition that would earn Carm induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. In those days, the freshmen and JV games (particularly the Princeton and Harvard games) provided a glimpse of who would become the starters and impact players on the varsity. Kind of wish the Ivys still had those underclassmen games.

RIW, I miss JV games especially the Friday before the Varsity game on Saturday. It was just a big party. Listening to stories of days gone by. From both sides. Yah great times.
Kind of wish they would restart them.?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a platoon system early in the season until one QB candidate clearly establishes themselves as the best.

Here is what a I have for Yale’s 2024 Commits

New Commit: SAM McGIVERN, LB/DE, 6 ‘2″, 245 LBS., 4.8 40 YD DASH.KIMBERLY, WI. 1st Team All-Conference All Region •All State•12 games played•55 TTCK, 26 ATCK, 29 TCK, 6.5 SCK, 1 FF, 4 TFL. Offers from Illinois State, Harvard, Cornell and Brown.

Charlie Humphries, OT, 6’7”, 285lbs, Cistercian Prep, Dallas,Tx. Seven Div 1 Offers including Army, Villanova, Princeton, Brown

Bradyn Fleharty, QB, 6’3” 200lbs, Hilliard Bradley High School, Hilliard, OH, 4.59 40. 17 Division I offers including UConn, Liberty, Western Michigan, Army, Air Force, Arkansas St, Princeton and Harvard.

Steven Parton, RB/LB, 6’2”, 215 lbs. Knox central High school, Ky. Voted Region 13 Media Network Offensive Player of the Year. Offer from Morehead State.

Kyle Maltarich, WR, 6’2”, 180lbs, 4.47 40. 1st Team All Ohio. Offers from Lafayette, Colgate, Columbia, Princeton and Harvard.

Breylan Thompson, DB, Episcopal High School, TX, 6’1”, 170lbs, 4.49 40. Class President. Offers from Sam Houston State, Lamar, Air Force, Army, Harvard, Princeton, Penn and Dartmouth.

Trent Page, DE, 6’4”, 240lbs, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minn. 15 Division I offers including Army, Navy, Air Force, Bowling Green, Northern Illinois, Central Michigan, Harvard, Penn and Dartmouth.

Joe McCord, Alcoa TN,LB, 6’1” 220 lbs. 1st Team All State. 15 QB hurries, 14 TFL, 10 sacks and 69 tackles as a Jr. Allstate 3A, that his team (Alcoa HS) won the 3A title tor the 21st time, that they beat their 6A (read big school) rival for the first time in a while, and that Alcoa (a medium sized school) is projected to be the 3rd best football team in the state (with over 300 High schools playing football) in the 2023 season



Adam Pandolphi, RB/SS, 6’1”, 201 lbs, north Haven, CT. Class MM state champions. 4.53 40.

Brandon Banks, DB, 6’0”, 170lbs, Alquippa, Pa, 2x First Team All State, State Champions. FBS Offers from Akron, Central Michigan, Bowling Green, Coastal Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Kent St and Liberty.

Lota Ugokwe, DE, 6’1” 220 lbs, Walton HS (GA) all-region DE; recorded 32 tackles & 8 TFLs during his junior season in 2022. Offer from Princeton.

Eddie Palumbo III, 1 Ranked 2024 LB NY| 6’4” 210 |LB/LS| Archbishop Stepinac High School, NY. Offer from Penn.

Bennett Anderson, 6-5, 270, three star OT, DT, four star LS. Bellarmine Prep, San Jose, CA. Offered by the service academies and all the Ivies, except D.

Add to that list Davis Wong, 2024 | WR/DB – Brentwood School – #3 | 6’1 170 lbs | First Team All League

Thank you JH, RAY and SOE (Special Operations Executive?)! Now, Moderators, what say you to this list?

According to Big Green Alert, it looks like Dartmouth’s replaced us as a preferred destination for its players. D’s bagged a pair of giant OLs: Anthony Ndika, 6’4″ 290, Nigeria and Julian Sutton, 6’4″ 306, Hamden, CT. Let’s hope they opt for squash.

You’re right. Totally obscure. “Its” is Loomis Chaffee which has been a good feeder for us. Let’s see how we do there going forward.

Three items:

Approximately 18 months ago, Julian Sutton committed to Yale from NDWH. Instead, he ( and his brother ) went to Loomis prep school for 2 years. Also, Bennett Anderson is still listed as a Yale commit, according to Yale Football Offers 2024. Moreover, he is unlisted on the Washington State football commit outlook.
Another commit is Quinn Crotty, 6′ 4″, 195 lbs. FS/WR. Also plays lacross as a midfielder.

I always dislike it . When local kids don’t stay around. I don’t mean to ruffle the feathers . But it’s on his Twitter page. X. He’s glad to be a cougar.? Sheez

It just says he received a full athletic scholarship offer from Washington State. Unless I’m missing something It doesn’t say anywhere that he committed to them and decommitted from Yale.

It looks like his site was scrubbed. He did have a statement: so glad I’m a cougar no more than 2 weeks ago. Maybe his parents told him to smarten up and get yourself to Yale. With the uncertainty of Washington States status. It would be nice.

Headed out to Groton , going to watch Adam Pandolfi and North Haven play Fitch in the Connecticut quarter finals tonight. I’m excited to watch this young man. 6’1”210 lbs RB / FS 1st team all stater

Just getting back, Adam Pandolfi is a beast. 4 TD runs of 40,26,13 and 1 . He had 3 tackles for loss. One play he came flying on the running back from 18 yds. Out, leveled the runner.BAM.!!
He ran the ball 17 times close to 150 total, he threw for a 27 yard TD pass.
Yale is blessed to have this young man coming in August. His motor never stops. He is multidimensional DE, Linebacker, Free safety, QB RB the plays out of a wing T fun to watch. Breathe taking and a joy

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