Yale 36 Princeton 28

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Yale needs to watch out for Harvard’s WR Barkate, #2. He had a monster day against Penn. He is QB’s Jaden Craig’s roommate and seems to be his favorite target.

He was replaced in the Dartmouth game for poor performance but he was also playing hurt. Not sure if he’s healthy now. They are both dual threats like Grooms, but DePrima seems to be more of a running threat and Craig is more of a passing threat.

The NFL should be giving a close look at Joseph Vaughan in the draft. He’s had an amazing season. Could be another Foye Oluokun.

Congratulations to the Yale Men’s Soccer Team for winning the Ivy League tournament over Brown 2-1 and thereby securing an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Would be nice to see Yale host a game if possible to showcase their terrific soccer facilities at Reese Stadium.

Gentlemen; the tiger clash was a roller coaster ride of achievement and disappointment. My hats off to this squad for withering the storm. Need a faster start against the cantabs hint to the play caller.

Old Blue, your words to Gods ears. Give Harvard something, that Yale has not done this year. Ride it to a championship.
Beat those Cantab’s.!! Go Bulldogs!!

A splendid victory in a historic rivalry between two equally talented teams on a picture perfect autumn day; what more could we have asked for? Nerve wracking for sure but that often makes for even more enjoyable memories and post game chats before The Game. Accolades to the team and coaching staff who showed they were not playing “not to lose” with the decision to go for the 2pts rather than an extra point kick after the OT touch down. A gutsy call perhaps more typical of Pete Carroll than our coaching staff. Reno showed no hesitiation on his call despite the Monday morning quarterbacking he would undoubtedly have received if the Tigers won the game by one point. We will need this aggressiveness against Harvard.
Odds are for another nailbiter this Saturday. We have an outstanding qb and wr duo in Grooms and Tipton who will be playing their last game at the Bowl. Hopefully there will be large and loud turnout of Yale fans to cheer them on to another win over the Crimson.


Yale had to go for two. The OT rules state that in the second overtime period, both team must try a two point conversion after a TD

So far 40,000 sold for the game. As of this morning. Too bad Yale can’t get more fans to show up for other games. The Bowl needs to have more people show up. Maybe cater to that element. Instead of the hat and how they’re doing it now.
Bring back the local community and
Surrounding towns. Invite Pop Warner football teams from neighboring towns. Have the cheerleaders move around to other areas of the bowl. Instead of planting themselves in front of the school band. Engage the public so many things that can be done. That’s not. It’s an easy fix if you’re smart.

Statistically, Yale and Harvard are very, very evenly-matched, in terms of of points scored, yards gained, points given up, and yards given up. Looking forward to a great game and a Yale victory!

If only Yale hadn’t let the Cornell game slip away. Win that game and this week we’d have a winner-take-all, loser-gets-none, no-chance-of-a-29-29-tie battle for the Ivy title at the Bowl.
Still, it’ll be a great matchup and hopefully a great send-off for the seniors on this team.

Lehigh will be playing at Yale on 10/19/24. That completes Yale’s OOC slate along with games at Holy Cross and home against CCSU.

I hope the days of scheduling teams like Cal Poly, Mercer, Maine, and Richmond aren’t gone forever. William and Mary would be nice as well. 11 games would help. Maybe the military academies every few years.

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