Yale 36 Brown 17

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Defense was outstanding today. Only complaint was they failed to contain on a couple of reverses. Especially loved to see the increased pass rush pressure. That got them off the field on many 3rd downs. Brown could not run at all up the middle. Defensive line played their best game of the year. #22 Kamara is a great player. He’s going to be fun to watch the next thee years. Also impressed with Gonzales.

Grooms and Tipton also were great, as usual. Two of Groom’s three interceptions were not his fault but came off of unlucky deflections. Loved to see that wheel route to Peterson which resulted in a long TD. That play needs to be used again. Peterson has earned much more carries against Princeton. He was by far the most effective Yale RB today.

On special teams Fulton was on fire with the kick off returns. Glad to see he made it back from injury. Princeton will probably want to avoid kicking it to him next week. Also nice to see Freshman Phoenix Grant make an impact with the blocked punt.

I’m summation superb performance in all aspects; offense, defense and special teams. Princeton will be playing angry next week after their tough loss to Dartmouth last night, so Yale will need to keep this level of play up in order to win. Go Bulldogs!!!

Where have we been hiding Joey Felton all this time? What a weapon! Two fantastic returns across the field and up the left sideline. Then, just as Brown was getting set for more of the same, and as I hoped and expected, he raced straight ahead (throwing in a couple great moves) along the right sideline. Get him the ball!

A good game all around for Yale for a much needed win. I only watched the first quarter, but saw that Brown started very shaky on the opening kickoff to begin the game and by the final score, it’s apparent that Yale never really let them get back in the game. It appears that Grooms had a good game both passing and running except for the 3 interceptions. Princeton is up next; they didn’t impress in the Dartmouth loss, so it looks like this could come down to the last game against Harvard. Still looks like an uphill battle, but at least they are still in the hunt.

Unlikely as it is, there is scenario, I believe, that would result in an outright championship for Yale.

Yale wins out.
Penn beats Harvard, but loses to Princeton
Dartmouth loses one of their final two games.

Am I wrong?

I think three out of the four teams at 3-2 have scenarios where they can win the championship outright. The only one that can’t win outright is Dartmouth.

This season anything is possible, as Mason Tipton said , every game is a one game playoff.
Yale seems to be getting better each week. For Harvard , their #1 QB got hurt. 2nd stringer seemed to do a good job

Excellent performance by Yale on both sides of the ball. “Grooms to Tipton” has been the fun to watch scoring play this season. We need this to continue for two more games.
It was good to see the coaches finally utilize the kick return talents of Joey Felton who is one of Yale’s fastest players.
Similar to Brown, Princeton has a very good passing qb but we have the best qb in the league. If our pass rushers and d backs play like they did yesterday Yale will be playing for at least a share of the championship when Harvard comes to the Bowl.

Gentlemen; very proud of our blue squad bouncing back with these two victories after the debacle with the Ben Franklin’s. Nice to see the progression of the younger players stepping up and both the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator waking up out of their coma to be aggressive allowing play makers on both sides of the ball to make plays. Looking forward to same style of play against the Tigers and Cantabs. I for one will be at both games and sincerely hope the aggressive play calling continues at both these contests.

I’m looking at Yale to beat Princeton on Saturday. I’m expecting Yale to put up points against their Defense. For the offense to put their foot on the Tiger’s tail.
Big Blue , we need this game. Go Bulldogs.!!

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