Yale 23 Harvard 18

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Yale won the tiebreaker for the auto bid to the FCS playoffs since they beat both Harvard and Dartmouth.

I wish.!! Any thoughts on who should be next years Football captain. I can’t think of anyone . Except Guyton , Karhru Gonzales

I’ll go with Sean Sullivan. Should be someone on offense, as this year’s captain was on defense. Sullivan was a two time captain in High School.

Were all the seniors on this years team also on the 2019 team? Those seniors are the first class since the seniors on the 1981 team, to win three rings

I count 19 out of 26 graduating Seniors that were on the 2019 team. It’s going to be a very tough class to replace. There are a lot of huge losses next year due to graduation. Yale needs to have a great recruiting class this year to help refill the tank. Might need to look to the transfer portal as well to fill some immediate gaps. The smaller recruiting classes will make filling the holes that much tougher.

I’m still trying to digest this, what a difference from the 1st 2 weeks of the season. To the last 8.
The coaches did a remarkable job . Introducing new game plans and molding these players. They set a nice foundation for next year. Reloading not rebuilding. Great job. I hope we have nobody leaving. Keep this staff intact for awhile. To the coaches players and staff Thank You for keeping Yale relevant and worthy. Happy Holidays. Until next August be happy an well

Where was Tre Peterson yesterday. He had a very good Yale career. Injured? If it was mentioned, I missed it.

An undefeated season would move Tony from great recruiter and very good coach to among the elite coaches in college football..

I’m waiting for the public apology from “A Realist” and other doubters from this blog. Seniors leave as 3-time Ivy Champions…not a coincidence.

I’m happy for Yale that they managed to win out and finish in a 3 way tie for the Ivy League title. Despite trying to give the game away against Harvard, a game that should have been over at halftime, Yale prevailed.

Why is it that I can recover only a small portion of the preceding comments? This happens all the time. Do others have this problem?

Yes. You have to keep refreshing. I refresh when I go to this website and refresh again after clicking on comments.

Mr. Joesph Vaughn, received his 2nd consecutive Ivy League Defensive Player of the week honors. This man amongst boys should be The Defensive Player of the Ivy League Bushnell Award Winner. Hands Down Go Bulldogs

Thought it was gonna be close with Larry having 3 sacks in The Game. But another heroic effort from Vaughn!

With Yale defeating Harvard last Saturday. Harvard’s stock plummeted from FCS Football Polls from the #19 ranking . To out of the the top 25, at #28
Yale came up to #32.

I can’t , it’s like nails on chalk board to me. Let me have another cup of coffee first.
Nope , Harvard isn’t for me.

Is the nails on chalkboard due to Tom Lehrer’s playing or singing? The song itself ridicules the Harvard football mentality.

It seems like Reno favored Marshall Howe this past season as backup QB but Tutas played better in 2022 than Howe did in 2023.

It should be an open competition with the younger Aidan Warner and Brogan McCaughey in the mix as well.

If we can develop a QB, I’m hopeful for the offense next year. The offensive line will return Bluhm, Sullivan, Charron, Bennett, and Karhu who have all started previously plus Session and Smith who have filled in. Yates is a decent TE, while Shipp and Pantelis will be back at WRs. Pitsenberger and Denney are solid power runners but we will need to recruit a speedy back.

The defense will have bigger holes to fill with the loss of our best defensive lineman (Patterson), best defensive back (Owens) and the starting linebackers. The defensive line has the talent to reload with Gulley, Egodogbare, Shaber, Larry, Yang, and McDonough returning. OLB should be set with Ayo-Durojaiye and Kamara but I’m not sold on Biggs and Shaffer at ILB. One CB spot is up in the air (what happened to Da’Quan Gonzales?) and Tarver was a huge liability all season at safety. Guyton and Daniyan should have strong seasons in the defensive backfield.

The K/P position is also a huge question mark.

wow, thanks. I’m still wondering why Bosman didn’t punt down the stretch of the H game. Did they say on the broadcast?

Marshall Howe appeared at the very end of two games early in the season to run out the clock; hardly a fair test of his QB skills. The younger QBs didn’t get any game time this season, but they did lead the scout team offense each week against the 1st team defense; great experience for both QBs and they didn’t lose a season of eligibility. The competition for the starting position next year should be interesting if they all choose to stick around.

Gentlemen; I agree with the observations Mr. Grooms performance was less than stellar compared with an overall stellar career. That being said I for one am really proud of this squad running the table after the Quaker fiasco. My hats off to Mr. Vaughn great career and final cantab performance including several first down saving tackles.

Grooms game on Saturday in retrospect reminded me of Dowling’s in 1967 against Harvard. Not his best game, certainly, but he passed for the go ahead TD late in the 4th, then watched the defense win it.

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