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Go mens hoops / women’s hockey.
Nothing to do now but spoil, ideally the Johnnies’ season.
Haven’t watched anything this year — live in Seattle — is the OL our big problem?

Offensive Line and Defensive line. No push on offense and no pass rush on defensive line. Do we not have anybody who can get to the quarterback off the edge or up the middle?

The Defensive Line is an elite unit. Sayin was getting the ball out very quickly all day. The pass rush didn’t have the time to get there. They played the draw poorly but can’t fault the rest of how they played.

And as for the OL, the 3 new starters are holding up but don’t bring the same ability and experience of the injured incumbents. Ideally, we get two or more of Amegadjie, Karhu, Durand, and Session back before next week. On the bright side, Charron, Bennett, and Bluhm will eventually be solid players for Yale and this experience will be invaluable for them.

It’s hard for the defensive lineman to get a push when we give up 3 yard 5 yard routes the whole game.

Hard to defend quick, short passes when your DB’s line up 10 yards off the line of scrimmage and back peddle when the ball is snapped. Holy Cross, Cornell, and Penn QB’s had field days with Yale’s lack of pass defense. Almost as bad as the pass defense has been the offensive play calling, which has been terrible this season; too predictable.

Well, the pressure of repeating as champions is for all intents and purposes over. Just four more games left for most of the seniors in their football careers. Go out there and have fun. As Carm Cozza used to say “leave no regrets”.

The season may be setting up for the possibility of two loss teams sharing the title. Everyone now has at least one loss and no one looks unbeatable anymore. I’m just not sure that Yale could be one of those teams

Yes. Just thinking that after I just saw Harvard lost. If Yale wins all the rest of their games and Harvard beats Dartmouth and Penn and Princeton beats Cornell Yale would be champs. But in order for that to happen Yale will need to play better than they did today.

Going to be an uphill battle. Brown don’t look to be the scrubs of years past and Princeton and Harvard are tough rivalry games. Let’s take it one game at a time and see where we end up.

Yale has won three (3) games so far this season against teams with a combined 5-15 record. Two of those wins are against Morgan State (1-5) and Sacred Heart (1-7); not awe inspiring wins. It’s time to start planning for next year and playing the younger players that will be around next season.

Disagree. Have an enormously talented senior group who sacrificed a lot to compete this year. Agreed, the coaching has been notably poor and ,thus, the first six weeks of the season have been incredibly disappointing. But, this team has to potential to finish this season strong. An Ivy title is unlikely but every Ivy team has lost a conference game and, at worst, we can spoil the fun for Princeton and Harvard. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, the seniors are valuable and must be respected.

The “enormously talented” senior group may have sacrificed a lot to compete this year, but their performance to date does not warrant sacrificing the opportunity to give the younger players, especially the latest highly rated recruiting class, valuable game experience. Standing on the sidelines and watching Yale’s highly predictable offense implode game after game is not valuable playing experience that these kids can take into next year. As for spoiling the seasons of Princeton and Harvard, would love to see it but with the talent currently on the field to date, I don’t see it happening.

If Yale is giving up up 364 yards passing I don’t see it
I think the turnover in assistant coaches from last year has really hurt

Gentlemen; blitzes up the middle have not worked all year. Some of the blitzes from the outside including number 22 is what is needed. Just take a look at how the Tigers harassed the Cantab quarterback. Enough said on the subject I assume the coaches look at film and see how other teams have successfully defensed each teams quarterback.

Gentlemen; forgot to mention our blue was outgained 452 to 245 yards. Short passes, crossing patterns and check offs to the backs out of the backfield with an occasional long ball down the sideline suits number 12 skill set and takes the pressure off the offensive line.

No offense to Nolan Groomes, but it appears the opposing coaches have figured out how to stop Nolan, and the Yale offense. Key a safety om Groomes to contain the run and forve him to pass. He doesn’t check through progressions well because his vison over the middle is limited by his height. His best passe are to the sidelines and an occasional bomb where he hopes for a pass interference call. I’m afraid the league has caught up to Nolan. Time to start grooming another QB for next year.

Nolan Grooms is no scrub. Disrespectful to suggest benching the reigning Bushnell Cup winner Grooms at this stage in the year and his career. Wait until next week before pressing the panic button.

Not pressing the panic button, just being “a realist”. Groomes has been significantly outperformed by the opposing QB’s in all three losses. I didn’t say he was a scrub; I did say that Yale’s opponents have found a way to shut him down this season. They have for the most part discovered how to take away his scrambling ability. With his running being neutralized and his passing game limited to short sideline passes and an occasional bomb down the field, all the accolades from last season will not make Yale a winner this season. Time to move on and build for next season.

Yes, but don’t forget the injuries. 3 starters on the OL and 2 in the secondary are out.

Were these injuries in practice? If so, the coaches have to do a better job at keeping the team healthy

In their three Ivy games, Yale has scored zero points in the third quarter. When they have had a chance to come out for the second half and immediately take control of a game they have come up empty.

Disappointing in all aspects today including the predictable play calling. Our All Ivy backs have still not had a good performance after 6 games. The absence of numerous OL starters makes it difficult to expect much improvement in the running game through the rest of the season and today they did a poor job of protecting Grooms against Penn’s formidable pass rushers. Our DL is lacking the aggressiveness they had last year and the tackling in general has not been impressive. Sorry to say at this point the odds of having a losing season are much better than tying for the championship

I keep reading all about Miami Dolphin’s head coach Mike McDaniels. Why doesn’t Yale try to look within and recruit from alumni for our HC? Obviously some of the brightest minds in the NFL hail from Ivy League schools. It seems our Yale Squad these past few years has to put up with a side-switching narcissistic zealot from “Springfield College” at head coach, as opposed to alumni like McDaniels, who is setting records in the NFL. Was McDaniels even given a chance at coaching at Yale after his graduation? Coach Romo left to coach at Harvard before his hiring at this institution. It seems everyone involved in Yale Athletics has no real connection to the univerSity outside of a weekly paycheck. Vicki Chun, etc.

methinks our Yale squads of the past few years have been winning in spite of Reno, not because of him

Too much attention to screwing with the uniforms, waiving flags, numbering teams, and military style walks from the field house to the Bowl. Spend that time on practicing blocking and tackling. The culture will take care of itself with more Ws.

How do you suppose it feels to be a head college football coach where there is no support from the administration or the student body, no coverage by any mainstream media, rarely more than 2500 people at your games, and a 150 year tradition to uphold. Must be a heavy burden sometimes.

It’s a shame when high school football teams draw more fans to a game than a college in a so-called prestigious football conference. I’ve been to three (3) home games this year and I doubt there were a total of 2500 fans combined at the three (3) games.

Assistant coaches are usually pursued and leave for better opportunities when their team comes off a winning season. Based on the team’s performance this year, any coaches that leave will probably be at Coach Reno’s request. I wouldn’t feel too comfortable if I were the OC or the DB coach.

How do you like all the changes of Vicky sticky Chun now. Average attendance 3,200 people if that.
Came in with all these great ideas.! NOT Good Luck keeping a team , might as well go to D 2
The thing is Yale had it all, not even fun to go to these games anymore. Or invite people to attend.

Gentlemen; actually, current president attends every home game and most of the away games and is ardent fan supporting our squad unlike the prior president who only attended at best the last home game.

What I would like to see is a President who recognizes that football is still, after seventy years, the only sport in the Ivy League discriminated against as far as length of season and post season play and would fight for 11 games, an earlier start to the season, and FCS playoffs. Wishful thinking, I know.

He’s out and could care less, he this team under the bus. When he gave icky sticky Vicky a pay raise and extension on her contract. Good bye , good riddance. The next person could be the death knell for this sport.

Reading all of the above, I still try to hope that with returning OL starters our running game can finally become dynamic.
Sure Brown and Columbia aren’t as awful as before, but good execution should win those games. Be nice to take care of biz before The Big Three… if anyone calls it that anymore.

Looks like Yale has run its course for fan interest. I went to 2 games this season. It’s no longer fun to go to these games. It feels confined and unwelcoming not comfortable. I was told I couldn’t bring my binocular case in. My daughter made sandwiches for my granddaughter and me. “Can’t bring that in” she has a special diet. So Yale Athletics. Good Luck and Good bye . You bunch of elitist scumbags.

I miss the big crowds. I wish the games were on the radio. But I still love going to the Bowl. Let’s be positive. Go Bulldogs!

The answer is the New Haven community and the fan experience. People love college football but there is much little marketing of Yale football games I’d be surprised if 1% of New Haven residents could name a player on the team, say when the next home game was, who the next opponent is, or where to get tickets! Even if they could and attended a game, would they want to come back? Situation is dire and we need to demand action. But reality is, the university doesn’t need the money and doesn’t care unless we are playing Harvard.

It’s a colossal gold mine, if you had the right person to run this venue properly. Which obviously it is not. 2,000 people for this institution and place is just wrong.
Let me get my hands on it, 1st I would bring back WELI Radio for broadcasts, 2nd kids 10 an under would be free. Hard times for family’s. $5.00 to park. Advertisement to the surrounding towns. Pop Warner teams come to games. Develop an interest. Market this team.
They deserve to play before more people. Who ever is running this. Is a moron

It’s likely WELI is not interested. Even back in the 90’s they dropped the broadcasts for a few years. Probably not ratings as much as inability to find sponsors.
Maybe broadcasts are still done by students at WYBC? (the Yale version of which is “just” on the ‘net now.)

Not at all, that was a directive from The Yale Administration to stop it. WELI was great. Yale should have it. Some people don’t have internet or ESPN+ .
Ron Vaccaro and Jack Sidlecki were a great tandem. Ron is busy with NBC sports producer.
A lot of changes at Yale since 2019, I doesn’t look like they have worked out. As one poster said good luck and good bye. Way to go Vicky

I did notice that you can now buy a $10 beer at the Bowl. Cut that price in half and have free parking and you might have something

A $5 beer and free parking would do little to improve attendance at Yale football games. The Yale student body is not made up of the type of individuals that love or even understand football. When they hear the word “football”, most probably think of soccer. It’s sad, but based upon recent events, protest rallies easily outdraw football games when it comes to Ivy League students.

With all the student protests about the latest middle east conflict, I wonder if those protests will be front and center at halftime of the Harvard game.

Time to bring in temporary lights?

If the collective Police and security took care of business there would be no need for lights.
Ask to disperse, if not drag them out.!! No quarter granted . Friggan brats

With 7 home games this season, including two “creampuff” out-of-conference games, who ever would’ve thought that this team would have at LEAST 3 home losses? Yet, here we are…

And, in those three (3) home losses, they have been totally outplayed. They made all three opposing QB’s look like 1st round NFL draft choices. The only thing that was missing from these games was Yale’s offense which disappeared after halftime. Columbia is coming to town this weekend; that’s the only team sitting below Yale in the Ivy League standings, at least for now.

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