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Despite losing the top offensive lineman to graduation, next year’s offensive line seems to be coming together nicely this spring with a projected lineup of Mendoza, Karhu, Durand, Session and Amegadjie from right to left. Durand is the only projected starter who did not start a contest in 2022, however, he did fill in at a critical time when Gargiulo was briefly injured. Session was a more than capable backup to Mendoza last year at tackle and his move to guard this year will likely be a smooth transition once he adjusts his techniques to interior play. Sullivan was injured prior to the start of the season last year but appeared in 8 contests as a freshman and could challenge for a starting role.

The return of Spencer Alston provides Yale with an embarrassment of riches at the running back position. The challenge will not be getting our backs to perform, it will be finding the right mix of Alston, Pitsenberger, and Peterson to stay as effective as possible without disrupting the flow of the run game that was established in 2022.

On the topic of running backs, Princeton’s star freshman running back Ryan Butler has transferred to Stanford. While Butler will have the opportunity to earn a degree almost as coveted as a Princeton degree, it’s a risky proposition for increased exposure given the competing talent that Stanford can attract as well as his style of play that was reliant on his sheer power to break tackles. It’s an entirely different equation to break a tackle from an Oregon defensive end versus a Cornell defensive end.


9/16 Yale vs. Holy Cross

9/23 Yale vs. Cornell

9/30 Yale vs. Morgan State

10/7 Yale at Dartmouth

10/14 Yale vs. Sacred Heart

10/21 Yale vs. Penn

10/28 Yale vs Columbia

11/4 Yale at Brown

11/11 Yale at Princeton

11/18 Yale vs. Harvard

It’s a shame that we could not secure UCONN for another in-state matchup as many have noted that the game day experience at UCONN had more energy than the vast majority of our contests over the last two years. We won’t complain loudly about having SEVEN home games though!

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Thanks for coming back to life (Easter?), and here’s hoping the posts continue with the other position groups.

Yes, Thank you! By doing this your are playing a major part in celebrating Yale’s 150th season. Please keep them coming.

By the way if the coaching staff wants to see how to use three talented running backs and a great running QB they should watch the 1989 Yale Dartmouth and 1990 Yale- Princeton games. The running game talent of team 150 actually far surpasses these teams.

Anyone know what’s going on with spring practice. Isn’t there a game/scrimmage next Saturday. Did the players get their rings?

So much information is not being reported on this so called blog. (YAWN).
I really feel that they should get someone who actually cares about this endeavor.
Example , who CARES about a former Princeton RB. Who walked on at Stanford. Although the interesting point was that Al Netter the former. Offensive Line coach is at Stanford. Which may in fact help this former Princeton RB.
UConn could care less about Yale, in 10 to 15 years Yale will be lucky if they’re still playing this game. Reason is they are not adapting or evolving. Still only 10 games. No playoffs. A scheduled by a non imagined Athletic Director, who thinks that Morgan State and Sacred Heart are teams of interest to its fans.

Gentlemen; I for one am very appreciative of the effort being made on this blog including all that contribute on a regular basis. It would be nice to see a depth chart for the spring practice.

So who’s the projected center? If it’s from “left to right” that would make it Durand, but then he’s later referred to as a guard.

In my humble opinion Sullivan will be a starter. He’s a beast and did a great job as a freshman.

Uconn would have been great, but so would have Army. Yale got Army to come to the bowl for its 100th anniversary in 2014, so it isn’t such a stretch to think they would have returned for the 150th anniversary of Yale football. If not I would have traded a home game with a Sacred Heart or Morgan State with a road trip to West Point.

Having said that the best way to mark Yale Football’s 150th anniversary would be for them to have their first perfect season since 1960. Every game on this schedule is winnable. This should be the mission for Team #150.

The mission for us fans is to show our support for the program is to go to all seven home games. No game should have less than 10,000 in attendance, and Harvard game should break 55,000. The Athletic Department has shown some nice initiatives this year in engaging the local community around attending home baseball games by inviting local little league to the game and allowing them to run the bases in between DH games. The football team also game out in mass to support the baseball team. Community and Student engagement like that and more will be needed to have the kind of attendance to adequately celebrate Yale’s 150th. Also Yale needs to spend some money to market this special season. I hope the AD had the foresight to drastically increase the marketing budget for the 150th anniversary season.

Reread the post and see Durand is the center. For some reason I read Session as Durand the first time.

Did anyone go to the Spring game? What was the outcome? More importantly, what can you report? Thanks!

No score kept; situational scrimmage. Several starters from last year held out due to injury; several more not available as they are taking the semester off to maintain eligibility. No 1 offense only went for one series. Overall hard to tell much but still great to be in the Bowl.

Nothing in the New Haven Register at this time. Of Yale Football Scrimmage. There is 5 articles on UConn. Footballs scrimmage. Head Coaches opinion on his team , break down on the scrimmage itself. . Players observations and thoughts.
Even a blurb on Michigan states spring practice and game.

What can be said about casualties? Will last year’s starters be ready to go when it counts? Any pleasant surprises? Any at all? Who? What’s up with offseason purple hearts?

C’mon fellas! Nothing more about the Spring Game, position groups, individual players, the coaches, improvements to plant, Captcha, ANYTHING about our favorite team?

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