Yale 69 Brown 17

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In trying to explain such a remarkable lopsided victory my theory is Brown was riding so high on positive feelings from the big upset victory against Penn last week that they neglected to prepare for Yale. On the other hand Yale prepared even harder than normal due to Brown’s win against Penn. The morale of the story is preparation is the overwhelming factor determining the outcome.

Keep that fire goin* Yale! You will need to prepare just as hard for Princeton and Harvard.

What a win! This is what happens when the coaching perfectly matches the players’ strengths. Yale will surely need this intensity next week. It was a head scratcher that Owens, Guyton, and Ellis were in so long especially after Oldacre got dinged up. That is merely a nit picky comment as the wins over Columbia and Brown have given Yale so much momentum heading into this epic clash.


I’m felling good about the end of this season

Give Reno credit. The team has improved a lot since the Penn game

I’ve been watching aware of Yale Football since 1967. I have never in my life play the way this team did today. When Yale underperforms , I’m on that like a pit Bull . But for today perfect performance. Thank you for doing such a great job. For every Coach , Player and especially to Coach Reno. Well done.
Now dominate and go for the jugular of Princeton. Do it till they can’t breathe.
Go Bulldogs!!!

3 dollar Bill, who cares what you think.? Or for that matter if you do. You are a Jackass. WTF! 3 dollar

Just noticed Princeton leads the league in interception with 14. This is also Groom’s weak spot. A key to beating Princeton will be avoiding interceptions.

Princeton strength is also in its passing game. Yale’s defensive backs will need to play at their best to neutralize this threat.

Seems to me , the DB’s are doing a lot better, really noticed it in the last 3 games. Especially # 12 and # 4 .

That’s for darned sure. Who will show up next week at the Bowl? The inconsistent team of the first half of the season, or the last two games? Princeton & then Harvard will have a lot to say about Yale’s season, but if the Bulldogs put it together like they did this week, I like our chances.

Gentlemen; the topsy-turvy performance of our blue after the Ben Franklin fiasco is the understatement of the year. Our blue squad seems to be peaking at the right time for the tiger contest this weekend. The Indians defense stymied the Tigers in the second half hopefully the defensive coaches will implement a similar game plan. Did number 76 get injured in the first half.

Harvard needs Yale to win this week to keep alive their slim shared-title hopes.
Yale needs Harvard to win this week to keep alive their slim hopes of winning the title outright.

Yale, play a flawless game , run that ball down the Tigers throat. I’m begging ya. Protect that ball.
Go Bulldogs

In the past several years Yale becomes a scoring machine when playing Brown. No matter who the qb is be it Rawlings, O’Connor, Grooms, the points scored reaches basketball numbers. The Elis could have easily scored over 70 points if the starters played the full game. Last year against Brown, Yale also scored over 60 points but the offense sputtered against Princeton the following Saturday.
We know we have the talent to beat the Tigers and the Crimson. Coaches need to show they can guide the team to an Ivy Crown. Wet weather will likely deter a good turnout but if at all possible the Yale fans should do their best to attend the game and those in charge of publicity need to pull out the stops to get seats filled for the last game of the season at the Bowl.

That was true last year RIW, but in 2019 Yale put up 51, in 2017 they scored 35, and even in 2018 Yale scored 43 against Princeton, although 2018 was a loss. Let’s hope 2021 was the aberration.

This Athletic Director doesn’t do that. She only cares about alumni and students.
For the 1st time ever , Yale is last in attendance in football. She sucks

Dumbberry, your Colgate Cronie . It’s ok to say it. Your on VC’s payroll or are you her mother. ?

From yesterday’s YDN article:

We need as many people to get to the games as possible,” wide receiver David Pantelis ’25 said. “We need that extra spirit to lift the football team up. We are counting on the students to be there when we need them. Hope everyone can get there.”

Get off your asses and support the team!

You know, I’ve come to think it might be time for Yale to install lights, play some early season games at night, and start the rest at 2:00. Try in some way to make attending games an event. And, of course, student tickets, if not already free, should be. And two tickets per student so they can bring a friend not necessarily attending Yale.

Of course, just getting students out won’t pack the Bowl, but maybe some enthusiasm would bring out more fans overall. And even having a few thousand students would show the players that someone cares,

Where are you guys from.? Telling you right now. It’s not the students it’s not the alumni. It is the New Haven County, Fairfield County, Middlesex County. Always has been . Period.! When VC did what she did. She destroyed a proud long-standing culture. She pissed a lot of people off. I said at the beginning of the season that this would happen. You want people back. Free parking, kids 12 and under free. Senior citizens free admission. Open gate to go back and forth. To your vehicle. Drop that stupid no rentry policy. Let people bring in and unopened 28 oz bottle of water , juice or soda.
You do that people will respond. Everyone is trying to make through these tough times . Even a stupid AD could reason with this logic. I would hope. Also VIcky , before you try to change something. Ask someone who understands the area., and the people who live here. Your welcome

Student spirit is lacking for all Yale sports even for the the very successful teams such as Basketball and Lacrosse. First year orientation should include the encouragement of student attendance at the games not just the one against the Crimson. Future generation of Alums will be the current student body that would rather spend free time on social media platforms rather than cheering on the Yale sports teams. Gone are the days when the Yale admins and coaches would get an earful at the alumni gatherings when the football season was less than satisfying. Other Ivys face a similar situation. The diversity of the student body at schools like Stamford, Duke and Northwestern are not that different from the Ivys. Bottom line: their stadiums may not filled to capacity but they attract students because no matter how good their football teams are, the fact that they are FBS makes a significant difference in the degree of student enthusiasm.

Vicky Chun and her crew of Colgate cronies need to do a much better job boosting attendance from all Constituencies.

I decided to take a deep dive into the attendance #’s. Each Ivy school has hosted four home games this season. Here are the current rankings:

1) Harvard 43,437 (10,859 avg.)
2) Cornell 30,176 (7,544 avg)
3) Princeton 25,463 (6,636 avg)
4) Yale 23,994 (5,999 avg)
5) Penn 23,899 (5975 avg)
6) Columbia 21,770 (5,443 avg)
7) Dartmouth 20,644 (5,161 avg)
8) Brown 19,763 (4,941 avg)

Yale has never finished ranked so low going back at least to 2005. By comparison here is Yale’s ranking in league attendance with avg attendance pre Vicki Chun:

2017 #1 (18,940)
2016 #3 (8,795)
2015 #1 (20,547)
2014 #1 (15,193)
2013 #1 (19,809)
2012 #1 (12,453)
2011 #1 (23,730)
2010 #2 (14,592)
2009 #1 (21,245)
2008 #3 (11,071)
2007 #1 (22,792)
2006 #1 (18,562)
2005 #1 (21,667)

In 2018 Yale ranked #3 with average attendance of 7,657 which is a big drop off in avg attendance from any even year above. In 2019 Yale ranked #1 but only averaged 12,133 over 6 games. In 2021 Yale averaged 13,263 over 5 games. Both of these years are big drop off’s from the odd numbered years above where Yale hosted Harvard and even many even # years when they didn’t.

The #’s show a drastic decline in attendance under Vicki Chun’s leadership both in average attendance and relative to the rest of the league.

Agree with all the fixes to bring back the local culture at the games. A few more ideas:
-free admission for students and employees
– get some if our players out in the new haven community
– bring the football team to freshman orientation.
– recognize the loyalty of locals like me that have been attending games since the 50s. Maybe instead of or in addition to recognizing the military, have a game where we honor the faithful. We love the team and always will.

Just wanted to give a shout out to TO ALL THE ASSISTANT COACHES. You are the back bone of this team. You guys take a lot of heat . Especially Reno, Cahill. But to all the positional coaches. You have done a great job.
It shows every week the improvement and dominance of this team. A wholehearted Thank You to each and everyone of you.
Looking forward to seeing you continue this team against Princeton. I hate Princeton. Beat them unmercifully.
Go Bulldogs.

I second that. Before the season started I felt they were the best coaching staff in the Ivy League. These next two weeks is an a opportunity for them to prove it.

We will not beat P if we’re unable to mount an effective passing attack. This Saturday we’ll be taking on the elements and a defensive backfield that’s far superior to Columbia’s and Brown’s.
Without effective passing, P will stack the box, shut down our running game (only # 34 can make his own holes) and overburden our defense.

I I don’t believe that, in that Grooms won’t be able to go deep . Short to mid range passes. No crazy passes.
I feel that Yale has the best offensive Line in the league. They will open the holes needed as well. By the end of the 3rd quarter. Yale will be dominating this team from Jersey.

On other fronts:
Gun toting, pass catching Bo Hines (R) lost his closely-watched run for Congress from NC.
Meanwhile, Patrick Witt withdrew from his run for Congress and then lost in the Republican primary election for Georgia’s Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

In Chun’s defense (and it pains me to type that), those Beckett-era attendance figures were heavily inflated. There would regularly be games where I estimated about 5,000-6,000 in attendance and the released figure would be over 10k. “Tickets distributed” (including freebies) was probably a more accurate description than “attendance” in those days. It seems like the figures Chun releases more closely reflect actual butts in seats.
That doesn’t excuse the fact that attendance has gone in the tank since she took over, even if you remove the Beckett “inflation factor.” And, I doubt she cares one bit.

Any other place she would be shown the door. Granted she’s done a good job with womens sports. But Football , Is king. If run properly it pays for itself and whole bunch of other things.
This is why it drives me crazy the way it’s run. Not utilized to its fullest capacity. If it was Yale and the local area , would be a boon to all.

I agree her emphasis is on women’s sports. It’s why she moved woman’s teams to appear on top of the men’s teams on Yale Athletic’s internet site. Not that it’s a big deal, but it shows where her focus is.

Hockey is another example. The men’s team has gone down the drain since she took over., as well as their attendance.

Who is at fault then for Yale’s two most major sports team’s precipitous dececline in attendance which has occurred under her watch?

If you want to blame Alain too I agree he needs to be held accountable too for the hockey team’s horrendous performance of late .

I stopped going to the hockey games as well. It used to be sold out all the time. I go to Quinnipiac games , if I do go at all

Sacred Heart’s new hockey arena will further eat into what remains of Yale men’s Hockey fan base, unless they start winning soon. Unfortunately the hockey team seems to have started where they left off last season at 1-3 and being shut out over the weekend by a combined score of 10-0.

10 years ago, Yale hockey won a national championship. Now they’re lucky to score a goal. It’s sad.

In actuality she is inept. Why get rid of a radio station. Why only schedule lesser grade teams for football. She imposed ridiculous rules and regulations.
Based on that it’s not gender biased at all . She just sucks.

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