Yale 24 Princeton 20

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7,500 attendees.!! What a shame for essentially a championship game. Vicky Chun , this is your fault. This has happened under your watch. You are worthless.

Was the extra-point “missed” or blocked? Seems like this was the turning point of the game! The Yale football website says it was “blocked.” By by whom? Who knows? Was any AD person at the game and watching?

Only one interception- and that on a tipped ball.
All praise to the offensive line – the heart and soul of this team.

Let’s run all over Harvard!

If Penn beats Princeton next week, and they just might given what will be at stake, and we lose to Harvard, it would be a four way tie for first. Gotta make sure that our guys close it out at that damned lousy stadium outside of Boston. I bet it’s gonna be one hell of a game….

As the saying goes defense wins championships. Today the defense delivered big time. The Yale defense will have to play its best game of the season next week to deliver the championship.

Yale uniforms are very traditional-Yale blue jerseys with WHITE PANTS and white helmets with a Y on them. So far ms chun has. changed the design and sizeof the numbers .
Why? Now she has changed the pants from the traditional white to blue! There goes Our tradition. What gives her the right to tamper with Yale’s traditions? To me it’s like changing the Yankees uniforms by taking the pinstripes away.

In 40% of the home games this year Yale did not wear their traditional uniforms. Unless the YFA speaks on this issue the exception will quickly become the rule. Tradition needs to be defended or it will be lost.

Wasn’t aware it was that often. For pro teams, they sometimes stoke up the game and team by wearing color on color – e.g. KC Chiefs for big home games dress in red jerseys and red pants. Seems to be liked by the fans.

Tradition, the kids like it . I’m all for that. There are many more pressing issues than that.
I’ve stated them as others have also. Yale , needs to reinstate the Radio program. It was foolish of VC to get rid of. We used to put it on at the hospital.
You can see the attendance has waned. This is all Vicky’s doing. Your changes have ruined the turnout at these games.

I agree there are more pressing oressing issues: Like Beating Harvard! We can debate uniforms and other issues in the long off season.

Thank you Team 149 for a thrilling victory over the Tigers. On to Cambridge for the next win and another Championship ring!!

A question on QB ratings. On Saturday Stenstrom had a QB rating of 136, while Grooms QB rating was 82. I had never paid that much attention to these ratings and I’m not sure how they are figured, but can I assume that rushing stats do not figure much since Grooms had 150 rushing yards and two rushing TD’s?

And isn’t this more of an NFL stat where quarterbacks rarely run the ball

QB ratings would be more accurately called “passer ratings.” They only take attempts, completions, yards, TD passes thrown and interceptions thrown into account.
Rushing, sacks, fumbles, all matter not-at-all in those ratings.
The NFL and NCAA have different rating scales.
This site will calculate either, if you input the above-mentioned stats:

Would love to see Yale schedule them again in football. Last time they played them in basketball before last night was 1988. Last time they played them in football was 1987. Like basketball it’s time for a rematch in football.

Oh yes indeed, let’s play Hawaii. The last time we did (1987), we lost 62-10. BTW, we were 7-3 that year and 5-2 Ivy.
No. Let’s raise our sights. Do the GA bulldogs have any openings? Maybe Hershel’s available for the coin toss.

Harvard knows Yale wants to run. So they will stack the line to stop it. If they do, then our hope is that Grooms has a good day passing. Our receivers will be able to get open against that kind of Bear defense

If he’s off or turns the ball over….

But I think Reno can come up with a plan for us to win.

Run the ball. If they stop it. Run it again. Spread them out and let Grooms have his way on the ground.

3 Ivy football games on TV Saturday..
The Yale Game on ESPNU at Noon
Brown at Dartmouth on NESN
Penn at Princeton on SNY tape delay at 7:.

Makes me wonder why I’m willing to sit on cold concrete at Harvard Stadium for $100 instead of relaxing with the clicker in front of my big screen TV. A creature of habit I guess!

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