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Class of 2023

The Yale Football Twitter recently posted the members of the Class of 2023.

Michael Connor, Linebacker from New Jersey

Tyler Dilenno, Safety from New Jersey

Nolan Grooms, Quarterback from South Carolina

Jailon Henry, Defensive Lineman from Florida

Brayden Carey, Wide Receiver from Georgia

Joshua Eboboko, Running Back from North Carolina

Du’Shaunte Holloway, Defensive Back from Georgia

Marcus Mauney, Defensive Lineman from North Carolina

Ryan McCann, Offensive Lineman from New Jersey

Joshua McKenzie, Running Back from New Jersey

Jonathan Mendoza, Offensive Lineman from New York

Jack Twyford, Offensive Lineman from Florida

Hamilton Moore, Linebacker from North Carolina

Mason Tipton, Wide Receiver from Ohio

Brandon Benn, Safety from Tennessee

Jermaine Baker, Outside Linebacker from Illinois

Isaac Mitchell, Defensive Lineman from Kansas

Clay Patterson, Defensive Lineman from Texas

Jackson Hawes, Tight End from Utah

Gerron Duhon, Safety from Louisiana

Joey Felton, Wide Receiver from Maryland

Jonathon Durand, Offensive Lineman from Arizona

Wande Owens, Safety from Maryland

Trenton Johnson, Safety from California

Archie Russ, Cornerback from Maryland

Aidan Maloney, Wide Receiver from Oregon

Patrick Nauert, Defensive Lineman from Michigan

Joseph Vaughn, Linebacker from California

Jack Bosman, Kicker from California

Brandon Babcock, Offensive Lineman from Arizona

Here are our choices for the Top 5 Incoming Freshmen we are excited to see play:

Gerron Duhon, CB

Joseph Vaughn, LB

Jack Twyford, OL

Josh McKenzie, RB

Aidan Maloney, WR