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15 days to spring ball

In just over two weeks, the 2019 Yale Bulldogs football team will begin Spring Ball on a quest to bounce back from the middling 5-5 record in 2018.

The goods news is that every starter returns on our high-powered offense. Hinish, Eiselen, Strother, Cepalia and Warfield will anchor the offensive line. Tribble could reclaim his spot on the first team offense with an impressive performance.

Tight ends JJ Howland and D. Major Roman will form the best tight end rotation in the Ivy League. They are both big targets that can leave linebackers and safeties in the dust with their route running abilities.

Kurt Rawlings returns from his leg injury, while Griffin O’Connor will stand ready for the call. While the Princeton fanbase believes the Tigers have the most reserve talent at the quarterback position, Yale fans know better. O’Connor holds the single game passing yards record and was named Ivy League Rookie of the Year despite starting only three games.

The running back position is stacked and the depth continues to grow thanks to our successful recruiting efforts. Lamar, Dudek, and Alston could start anywhere in the league. Charles gives us a lightning fast option as a third-down back.

JP Shohfi and Reed Klubnik create one of the most formidable wide receiver duos in Yale history. Sprinkle in Rouse, Sandifer, White, Carrington, and Aaron and the opposition will have a difficult battle to stay balanced against the passing and running games.

To improve offensively, the Bulldogs will have to focus on strength, consistency and smart schemes. In each game that we lost last season, the offensive line was pushed around and did not show the same tenacity that we witnessed in 2017. Consistency comes down to sustaining drives, avoiding penalties, converting on opportunities and staying healthy. Developing the best schemes week to week is always a challenge for coaches, but we need to master plays that can give our playmakers the best opportunity to score and continue to tweak the scheme throughout the season to keep defenders guessing.

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