We are anxiously awaiting the official announcement from Yale regarding the 2020 recruiting class.

Fourth-ranked Yale Lacrosse hosts Navy this Sunday in the 1st Round of the D1 Men’s College Lacrosse Championship tournament.  A Yale win could set the stage for a huge rematch against #5 Brown.

The Yale Baseball team will be traveling to Princeton this weekend for the best-of-three Ivy League Championship Series.  Despite being heavily criticized in the past, Tom Beckett has truly elevated Yale sports over the course of his career.  Basketball earned a spot in the tournament and knocked off Baylor.  Men’s Crew is currently ranked #1 in the country.  Lacrosse won the Ivy League Tournament over Harvard (Alessi had two goals) and Baseball is in contention for an Ivy title this weekend.  Beckett’s made mistakes in the past, but no one can question his dedication to building Yale’s athletic department.

Harvard announced that members of unrecognized single-sex social groups (AKA fraternities, sororities, and finals clubs) will not be eligible to hold positions of leadership on athletic teams or in student government organizations.  The administration seems to think that by discouraging involvement in these social organizations, incidents of discrimination and rape will decrease.  The true consequences of this action will be decreased student happiness and lackluster alumni giving campaigns (both of which are great for Yale).  I can’t imagine how DKE and Zeta members on the Yale football team would react if Salovey were to announce such a bizarre rule!

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  1. Anyone else bummed that the new residential college name was not awarded to Levi Jackson? Anne Pauline Murray was the safe politically correct choice in the midst of the Calhoun debate, but Jackson College would have been well received by athletes and recruits.

    1. I had precisely the same reaction. Jackson, Class of 1950, was th first AA football letterman as well as captain. He had a distinguished career with Ford Motor.

  2. Any updates as to how the Reno Road Show is going? What’s the marketing message sounding like this year? Unfortunately unable to attend my city’s date this spring.

  3. From Reno’s recent email for those who did not see it:

    “As a group, we gained over 900 pounds since the fall – last year we gained 150 pounds over the same time period. We have the fewest number of injuries. Our incoming recruiting class is ranked #1/#2 in the country for the FCS – we have never been in the top 10 before.

    This success is because of teamwork and partnerships.
    · We have a new sports performance coach, Thomas Newman, who uses state-of-the-art equipment to manage not just strength, but also nutrition and injury prevention. He is one of three people with access to the Athletic Sports Index, an algorithm he developed in conjunction with legendary strength coach Boyd Epley at Nebraska.

    · We are feeding our guys differently – using supplements and nutrition that helps them gain muscle weight and perform their best.

    · In conjunction with Sports Medicine we have implemented the use of ice baths everyday after spring practice. The timing of these baths are critical and we were able to order enough (and have enough ice on hand!) to get each guy in a tub 15 minutes after competition.

    · Our alumni engagement and mentoring is at an all-time high. The connection between former players and Team 144 is a reflection of our strong traditions and bright future.

    · These upgrades are being shared with recruits and have helped us bring the best and the brightest to New Haven.”

  4. The list is now up on Yale’s website. It’s a shame that Dharamy didn’t make it. However the 29 freshman who did look very impressive.

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