17 thoughts on “Yale 46 Brown 16”

  1. gentlemen; what a pleasant suprise in the unveiling of our blue freshman signal caller who played like a seasoned four-year varsity player. I for one was very impressed with his decisive decision making and delivery of accurate passes downfield in blustery conditions. mr. O’Connor reminds me of a young mr. ryan. hope now springs eternal for the upcoming tiger and cantab clashes.

  2. What a turn-around! But who on earth is Griffin O’Connor?!! I can’t believe the coaches didn’t see what this guy could do. Think of what we could have done to Columbia. Notice what Harvard did?

  3. The O-line played very well giving the first year QB a lot of time, so big props to them. GOC did display a certain poise yesterday that not many young QB’s have on their first start. The future is bright for Yale at least at the QB position. Fingers crossed. Princeton’s defense is going to be like night and day compared to Brown’s.

  4. Yale will have to improve its defensive effort next week to beat Princeton. While the run defense and pass rush were superb Brown was able to dump off passes in the flats to wide open receivers all day. That needs to be remedied if Princeton’s potent offensive attack is to be contained.

  5. Loved hearing how Britten told a joke to the offense on the first series to settle them down. No better way to set precedents. Hopefully this trend continues for the next two games this season. Would love nothing better than to see Yale win out the season.
    We could have a two headed monster a quarterback next year what could be better

  6. Lord only knows how I hate using the microphone the name should be Griffin not Britain. Again here we go as Siri changes what I say. LOL O well hopefully everyone understands

  7. Some random thoughts going into the “Big Three Championship” (which Yale can still win).
    Really terrific that we have: Shofi and Klubnik the best pair of WRs in the league; both Lamar and Rouse healthy again; a gifted freshman qb, O’Connor, who can throw to them; talented freshman rb Spencer Alston whose running style is different from both Lamar and and Dudek;

  8. Coach Cahill do all of use a favor. Please put D. Major Roman out wide or in the slot your wasting his talent. Mismatch for other teams DB and LB. Big target good speed.

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