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Keys to Victory

  • Execute on special teams

Our offense likely won’t be setting any scoring records without Rawlings.  We have to clean up the mistakes on special teams to beat Brown this week.  The punt, punt return, and field goal units in particular must improve.  If a Brown punt doesn’t cross the 10 yard line, we have to catch it every time.  The punt team needs to line up properly and keep defenders away from Galland before releasing downfield.  Simino, Conte and Galland have to be on the same page on field goals.

  • Attack the Brown defense from all angles

Brown will be playing with a renewed sense of confidence after staying close in the contest with Penn and viewing Yale’s struggles on film versus Columbia.  We can’t put the pressure on Check to convert on third and long.  Yale needs a varied offensive attack that puts our best playmakers in position to score.  Check developed chemistry with Klubnik, yet players like Shohfi, Howland, and Rouse need to be utilized to keep Brown defenders guessing.  The coaching staff needs to find creative ways for Lamar, Alston and Dudek to thrive.  If we use the same offensive game plan from last week, we’ll have to shutout Brown to win.

  • Contain the big plays on defense

Columbia’s 30 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter was a backbreaker last week.  The Bears have a number of talented athletes with big play potential such as LJ Harriott and Jakob Prall.  Harriott had a 65 yard rush and a 56 yard reception this season, while Prall had a 55 yard reception.  Harriott’s explosive plays were crucial in Brown’s win over Yale two seasons ago.  Our defense has been stout over the last two contests, but just one long touchdown for Brown could be the difference in the contest.

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