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  1. We get beat by a third fourth and fifth string OB.Horrible play calling on both sids of the ball. FIRE CAHILL.Special team coach should be benched.Has to be one of the worst yale games i every watched.Play the freshman OB next week he cannot do any worse.Ihope there were no recruits watching this game today because yale got punched in the face today and did not get up.

  2. For the last few years the Yale Offense runs to the short side of the field or up the middle on almost all running plays. Yale has had, and has, great backs yet we limit the space they operate in. This lost today was due to a large measure of unimaginative offensive play calling.

  3. Yale 428 total yards and 22 first downs. Columbia 160 total yards and 9 first downs.
    Both Holy Cross and Columbia losses were inexcusable second half giveaways.
    Haphazard play calling and player management. I would say the coaches own this embarrassment and need to do some soul searching because Yale fielded the better players.

  4. Let s give Check a chance. Did we think he was going to be Rawlings immediately?

    Yale had over 400 yards in offense and held Columbia under 200.

    Special teams and not finishing drives cost us.

    Check just needs more game experience. The clutch plays will come.

    1. Check is not the problem, the single back offense is. He did miss some wide open reads early but the coaches must have told him as hit hit Roman twice on the deep TE post that was open all day.
      Why is the jet sweep out of the offense?
      The 3 back rotation for one position is hurting continuity, and we are now trying to run spread option with a pocket QB.
      Yale should have pounded Columbia on the ground, and used play-action passes.
      This was a very disheartening loss.

  5. Does anybody coach this team? There’s too much talent for the Holy Cross, Dartmouth, and Columbia performances. Can’t blame the loss of Rawlings for this fiasco. I’m coming to believe last year was a one-off.

    1. @Y67

      Not well.

      If you only knew about the shit show going on at practice.

      “Coach Hard LOVE Harder”

      A total joke and you are witnessing that play out on the field each week!

      No discipline. No accountability. Morale sucks.

        1. One would expect that seniors on this team would bring a higher level of experience, grit and discipline which appears to be sorely needed in certain areas. Right Bow Wow?

          1. I agree with comments above. They’ve abandoned the very players who have invested the most and are equal or greater talent then the underclassman playing ahead of them. Sad actually. They are border line despondent as a group at this point. The culture on this team has been in a steady decline.

  6. Agree with bulldog10jw. In fact I thought Check performed pretty well for his first varsity start. He was certainly not the reason for the loss. I thought the pass to the corner end zone in the waning seconds of the first half showed touch and accuracy that could have been caught for a td. As far as Yale’s last drive in the second half Check looked very good until the interception and I think the coaches deserve some blame for that. How many times can they call on Klubnik without the Columbia defense being ready for it. Klubnik is terrific but couldn’t the coaches have called a pass play to someone else?
    I continue to question why the coaches have Dudek in the rb rotation when his speed and ability to cut is still hampered by the injury that has bothered him since the Cornell game. Lamar was shaken up in the first half but he came back in the second half. He’s a game changer and should have gotten more touches.
    Finally, Yale needs to quickly determine what is causing the weakness in their FG kicking. Also Bagnoli found a soft spot in the Yale defense and made the needed adjustments at half time – the result was big yardage up the middle by a 3rd string rb and an eventual td.

  7. gentlemen; our blue squad regrettably played hard but were victims of poor coaching and play calling. mr. reno and mr.cahill totally outcoached in the second half.the harsh reality is our special teams and linebacking core are not up to the level of performance of last year. the coaches have done a less than admirable job of grooming backup signal callers which has resulted in mr.check vitually getting on the game training. mr check did make some mistakes today but with more grooming he will be sucessful assuming mr cahill gets his head out of the sand which based on today and the crusader contest may not be possible.

    1. Be careful what one wishes for. If Mr. Check gets the grooming that Mr. TM got, maybe he, too, can be a fourth string linebacker by his senior season.

  8. To every one on this board who cares about Yale football.If Mr. Cahill is still our offense coordinator next year nothing will change period.There has to be changes on offense philosophy we all known where the ball is going.My God high school running plays are better than ours.Mr Cahill do your job or you will be out of a job.

  9. Very disappointed, but not as bad as those players and coaches are.? I not going to pretend , that I know the inner sanctum of Yale Football.
    They had many many opportunities to do what had to be done. It seems to me that they were 1/2 step slower, indecisive in exicution of a lot plays. But what would expect from a team playing in those conditions .?
    I question taking Check out, and putting Conte in. When Check was doing well against the elements. Then you put someone who is cold in. The coaching staff seems to do this in every game. Sucks out the momentum every single time.!!!
    Check , wasn’t the same after that. Coaching seems to stop the rhythm of the offense. Looking to improve on something that already is working.
    I thought going into this season. That Yale could go 8-2 or 7-3 be lucky to go 5-5 this season

  10. It was a disappointing loss to be sure, and yes Yale was
    out coached. But we’re talking about Bagnoli here. He’s a legend and showed why yesterday. It doesn’t mean Reno and his staff are ineffectual, but they do need to learn from this and improve. The bottom line is Yale just didn’t make enough big plays and Columbia did. Yale also got killed on special teams. These factors were the difference.

    The fault doesn’t lie with Cahill’s play calling . Yale has had a strong balanced offensive attack all year. There is no reason to change course there, but some tweaks should be made. Penalties need to be addressed and more deception needs to be inserted into the running plays. I would like to see Rousse and Charles to get more touches in space. Unfortunately, Rousse had a lot of drops yesterday. Hopefully, he’ll shake that rust off quickly.

    Special teams needs attention. Yale gave up tremendous field position because they couldn’t execute a simple fair catch on the punts, much less a return. Also their field goal and punting game has recently become shaky. Again , get Trenton Charles and Melvin Rousse the ball in kickoff and punt returns. They are playmakers that need to get more touches.

    Also McGowan needs to get his defense to play with more intensity. Yale had lots of opportunities to recover Columbia fumbles but repeatedly appeared timid in pursuing the ball. It’s was embarrassing to see the Columbia RB carry a Yale tackler on his back to score the winning touchdown. That tackle attempt was feeble.

    Reno has shown he is able to quickly address deficiencies and get his team to bounce back. I’ve never seen a Yale team quit on him, and we won’t see that this year. Reno will have his team bounce back big time against Brown. The Columbia loss will also be used for further motivation which will lead to a victory in the biggest game of the year at Fenway. 6-4 in a rebuilding year is perfectly acceptable. And don’t count out the possibility of a major upset against Princeton. In that rivalry anything can happen.

    Next year Reno will have team #147 strongly competing again for a championship. In the big picture the team is growing and moving in the right direction.

  11. I didn’t see the game, but in just looking at the box score, in terms of Yale dominating in almost every category, you would guess Yale won by at least two touchdowns. If I were a psychologist, I would say they seem to have an aversion to scoring.
    It’s hard not to notice, but although Harvard is still losing, they are getting better and better every week! Two weeks ago Yale would be the favorite in
    THE GAME – no more I’m afraid.


        1. The players mentioned above have a ton of raw talent, but cannot seem to put it together. There is a reason the coaches are not trusting them and it is not based on favoritism.

          1. You are grossly misinformed. That’s a tremendous insult to those Seniors. Those underclassman playing have been handed the opportunity. Handed not earned. That’s a huge reason for the lack of leadership and chemistry. There are 3 or 4 lineman who should be playing on a regular basis.

            1. Not one of these underclassman have been handed the opportunity. It takes a great deal of dedication to play division one football and to be able to successfully navigate the academics of Yale. My son is probably one of the younger players you think was given an opportunity and I can assure no one outworked him over the summer. He came into camp ready to compete and earned the playing time he is getting. I have a great deal of respect for these Seniors knowing the time and effort it takes to play football at Yale. I am sure when he graduates this effort will be rewarded with a wonderful opportunity outside of football.

  13. To Son of Eli:
    Agree with a lot of your points particularly the deficiencies that were exposed on special teams and the need for more “intensity” on defense. The tackling by Yale in yesterday’s second half looked similar to the second half against Holy Cross and caused the same results. The tackling has not looked impressive even in games we have won. The hard hitters on defense have graduated so it was expected that this year we would have to rely on our offense for a successful season which was the same as saying we needed Rawlings, Dudek and Lamar playing injury free.

  14. Guys what are you thinking ? Next year will be the same as this year . Every one is coming back big deal . Same offense same problems. You have to remember this . Coach Reno does not reward players who stay for 4years. Next years recruits will be next year starters . He does it every year.No wonder some of the kids are pissed. Changes have to be made not next year this year before its too late.

    1. That’s BS. Yale’s 2017 team was loaded with Seniors who started. Reno plays the best players, regardless of class. That’s the way it should be. No one is entitled to start just because they are seniors. People interview for their jobs every day, in business as well as sports. It’s a good life lesson to learn.

  15. Gentlemen: just my two cents here it does not appear any player on our blue squad is riding the bench who should be playing. The reason our squad is not playing up to the level of distinction of last year’s team is the failure to execute fundamentals of football starting with tackling and the fact last year’s defensive squad had many superlative players who started as freshman and continue to excel throughout their careers. The young bull pups also have talent and if they continue to improve will distinguish themselves on the same level as last year senior squad.

  16. Son of Eli is correct. Last years team was loaded with Senior Talent. In alphabetical order Bezney, Carlson, Graham, Huzinga, Marbach, Olukon, Oplinger, Rymiszeski, Salter, Tyler, Williams-Lopez. All of these players had a hand in a great 2017 campaign which resulted in our first outright Ivy title since 1980. Barring injury next years Senior starters should include Burke, Cepalia, Eiselen, Keeler, Kissel, Klubnik, Lamar, Matthei, Rawlings, Shofi, and Strother. If we can stay reasonably healthy I see no reason why we can’t duplicate the 2017 campaign. With all that Yale lost last year it is not a surprise that we are struggling to meet what might be unreasonable expectations from this message board. That being said with Kurt at the helm we easily win last weeks game and still have an outside chance at a share of the title this year.

  17. anonymous:
    Don’t forget Tribble and Sexton for next year, an extraordinary OL group, unlike any of the following classes. Where we haven’t been as successful is in finding large, aggressive DLs. Lots of speed at LB and DB but not enough beef and attitude up front.

  18. Would love to see some play from some freshman OL. Especially Conor Smith from RBC , See him all the time at practice, arguably the best OL on the team. Don’t know why coaches haven’t recognized.

    1. Agree 100%! Also when freshman OL Nick Gargiulo gets off the IR (mono), he should have an immediate impact in the Princeton/Harvard game.

      1. Are you guys kidding? Freshman O-lineman rarely succeed in the Ivies. Look around at other teams and see how many have a freshman O-lineman starting. Sounds like people are giving up and jumping ship on this season. The O-line has NOT been the problem this season.

        1. Yale is first in the league in time of possession and 2nd behind Princeton in total offense. Unfortunately we also lead the league in turnovers and penalties. The Oline is one of our more consistent units right now.

  19. Yale is first in the league in time of possession and 2nd behind Princeton in total offense. Unfortunately we also lead the league in turnovers and penalties. The Oline is one of our more consistent units right now.

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