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Keys to Victory

  • Protect the ball

Playing against an Al Bagnoli-coached team on their own turf is never an easy task.  With projected weather conditions of 52 degrees and rain at kickoff, it will be imperative to hold onto the football.  Check had some issues last week catching the snaps from Cepalia, while Lamar fumbled going into the end zone.  Those mistakes are surefire ways to get beat in a low scoring affair.  We simply can’t afford to give Columbia great field position with Rawlings out of the lineup.  Columbia has a solid kicker that will make us pay in the red zone.

  • Control the line of scrimmage

It’s no secret that Lamar and Alston will be heavily utilized in this contest.  There will not be an element of surprise when they run the ball.  This creates a mano a mano situation.  The offensive line must communicate and overpower defenders at the point of attack.

  • Give Check confidence

No matter how bad the weather conditions are, at some point we will have to throw the ball.  We need to give Check opportunities to connect with Shohfi and Klubnik to build up his confidence and get him in rhythm.  We can’t expect a first time starter to lead us on a long game winning drive in the fourth quarter if he hasn’t throw the ball all day.   Bagnoli is likely devising schemes to stack the box and force us to throw.  Two freshman corners from Columbia will be tasked with shutting down our talented receiving corps which should present a number of opportunities for Check to move the chains in the passing game.  If Check can manage the game, hold onto the ball and take some pressure off of the running game, we will be in a great position to secure a victory.

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