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  1. gentlemen: the game against the bears was like the tale of two cities it was the best of times yet the worst of times. good plays and horrible plays. our running backs,recievers and the star of the show mr.rawlings saved the day. it is hard to understand our defense which looks good for two series and bad for the next two. just one man’s opinion to many substitutions on defense allegedly for situation play appears to be the consummate overthought. play the best eleven team unit and only substitute when a player is tired or injured. mr andirwan needs to be on the field as much as possible liked the play of freshman being integrated on the defense.

  2. Give Mercer some credit. They have a very good offense. Think I read somewhere that they averaged 39 points over their last four games.

  3. I was one who thought we didn’t have a chance, so I am delighted! My concerns are that now that we are halfway through the season, certain things have not been corrected, so we must accept the fact that we will always be vulnerable to the long pass. We just don’t have the people to deal with it, and our pre-season All-American is through for 2018. There have been some improvements in offense and defense but not enough for anything more than a first division finish in the Ivy League.

  4. On the plus side: only 2 penalties and zero turnovers. And, a stout run defense (where was that LAST week?!).

    On the minus side: allowing fourth-and-long completions, both either eventually or immediately resulting in TD’s. And DB’s continuing to never turn and look for the ball on deep routes, despite Jon Harris rightfully imploring them to do so, in the previous blog post!

    Thank goodness for depth at RB, and especially for Kurt Rawlings!

    1. Yale has only intercepted one pass this year, and if I remember correctly, it was on Holy Cross’s very first play from scrimmage.

      Yale also got away with a least one more interference penalty today. Mercer begged for a couple more, but only one was obvious.

    2. They made changes to their defense. Seemed like they looked back and played some of the personnel that played in the Maine game. It’s never going to be 100% coverage, or made catches or made tackles. But at least there was a huge improvement from the Dartmouth game. This team looked alot better and more cohesive.

  5. To old blue Keep the best 11 on the field you said it all.It seems every other play there are players coming in or out they cannot be tired after one play. One other thing that swing pass to Charles has to go.Next week penn will be all over that .How about running the wildcat with someone other then rawlings and Charles running a reverse or even better Alston doing the reverse. It would work big time. To bad it will never happen Cahill not clever enough to think of it.

  6. Switching out different defensive packages needs to be done but must be done at a quicker pace, we were caught too many times again not being set to go as the ball snapped. Great to see our RB’s running hard against a very tough run defense. Playing at home in the bowl with its terrible field conditions is no longer a positive for the home team. I am inviting everyone to bring a shovel to the Princeton game and stick around after to start replacing the field for next season. Maybe if we break ground the athletic department will have to finish the job.

  7. Can one or more of the Kenney Center regulars inform the rest of us who are forced to follow the team through the media as to the real status of our injured players?
    Is Zane Dudek out for the year as intimated by one of the “anonymous” posters? Is it the dreaded turf toe and is surgery required?
    How about Melvin Rouse II…..what is the injury and his status?
    What other regulars are down or out for the season? I can’t tell if people are hurt or whether they have been surpassed on the depth chart.
    The media provides no injury news and frankly the tean seems to withhold it.

  8. I think you qualify for a redshirt if you only appear in four games. Turf toe takes months to heal, so I wonder if Reno was thinking do we want a limping Dudek or save him for three more years?

  9. Congratulations to the Bulldogs on a well fought win!

    As Belichick would say, “we need to do better in all phases” and I agree with that.

    There are several IMPACT players on this team, obviously Rawlings is outstanding! Shohfi, Lamar and Klubnik are other play makers on offense.

    The defense played better, but seem to lose stamina in the second half and give up more big plays.

    All in all a good job. They will have to continue to improve with formidable foes coming up on the schedule.

  10. Rawlings looks at one receiver all the time.Sat the running backs were open all day coming out of the back field. And so where other WR. He has to start looking across the field.

    1. To Anonymous
      Sorry but aren’t you and some others being a bit fussy on Rawlings locking in on one receiver.
      Rawlings completed 67% of his passes for 344 yds and 4 tds.; threw to 7 different receivers including a combined 8 passes to his “running backs.”
      His favorite targets are of course Shohfi and Klubnik two of the best receivers in the league and two of the finest WR’s to have ever played at Yale in the same class. The trio of Rawlings, Shohfi, and Klubnik is the heart of the Yale offense and they need to stay injury free to have a winning season.
      That is why I remain baffled by Reno continuing to use Shohfi on punt coverage. He actually made a terrific tackle of a Mercer punt returner on one of Yale’s punts but why risk the possibility of injury to this outstanding receiver. Try and picture the Yale offense without Shohfi; try and picture the reason for it due to his being on punt coverage.

      1. “Try and picture the Yale offense without Shohfi.”

        We don’t need to try – we saw it in week 1 vs. Holy Cross. He did not suit up that day. Three offensive TD’s, one of which came on a 1-play drive that was a running play. And a crippling inability to keep the defense off the field in the second half, which ultimately resulted in defeat.

        So, remember it well, your point is very well taken.

  11. By the way, I’m curious about the missed FG attempt by Galland with 6 minutes left which would have put Yale up by 3 scores.

    Did he slip in the sand because the attempt was way, way, way, wide right and he has been very accurate this year.

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