Keys to Victory

  • Disrupt Dartmouth’s QB

Sophomore Derek Kyler hasn’t taken any huge hits or been flustered yet this season, but Dartmouth hasn’t played a team like Yale.  Kyler locks onto one target and 99% of the time, he throws to that receiver without even taking a peak at his other reads.  The Dartmouth coaching staff keeps the playbook very simple for him with the majority of the passes being short, outside routes or screens.  Kyler will occasionally throw deep passes to Hagdorn or Hunnicutt, yet intermediate routes are non-existent.  Dartmouth is trying to conceal the fact that he can’t make complex reads under pressure.  If guys like Roman and Matthaie can generate pressure without blitzing and get hits on Kyler, his confidence will be rattled.  His frail frame cannot withstand an onslaught from our defenders.

  • Block Linebacker Jack Traynor

Dartmouth’s defensive line is stocked with big bodies that clog running lanes.  These linemen are not necessarily fast or great at disengaging from blockers.  Jackson Perry in particular has really struggled with cut blocks this season.  Dartmouth relies heavily on Traynor and other linebackers to make plays all over the field.  If the Bulldogs can assign a blocker to Traynor on every play and get our playmakers in space, Dartmouth will be in trouble.  Dartmouth’s secondary simply does not have the talent to stop players such as Shohfi once they get loose.

  • Push around the Dartmouth offensive line

Dartmouth’s offensive line has been one of its strengths thus far.  They are great at pass blocking, but only above average at run blocking.  There were several plays in Dartmouth’s contest against Holy Cross where Dartmouth’s vaunted offensive line was manhandled on running downs.  We believe from firsthand experience that Coach Keith Clark is not an elite offensive line coach.  If the Bulldogs start pushing the Dartmouth line around, Clark and company will panic.  A close contest favors the Bulldogs as Dartmouth’s kicking game is lackluster.

23 thoughts on “Keys to Victory”

  1. I Feel Yale , is being overlooked and disrespected by all. Time to unleash The Bulldogs, on all who come to Play the men in Blue.!!! Roll Dog’s Roll

  2. I truly believe he’ll coaching staff has been looking at this game since last year‘s loss that should not have been a loss. I hope we are getting back a lot of starters in a healthy manner and slam the ball down darkness throat. Would love to see Yeah I’ll take it to the big green egg time on national television.

    Let’s go big blue yeah I’ll take it to the big green big time on national television.

    Let’s go Big Blue Roll on Dogs!!!!!!!

  3. Watch Dartmouth come out with a new offense and beat our butts. remember they run the wildcat offense . There very good at it.

  4. This is an extremely simplistic and optimistic view. Just watch the film of the Holy Cross/Dartmouth game. Dartmouth did not give up a first down until 10 minutes left in the 4th Q.

  5. Can’t believe Siri butchered my comment that badly. In any event I do truly believe Yale Will win this game
    This is the team that never says die and will play to the end
    Yale will overcome and beat Dart mouth

  6. “We know from firsthand experience that Coach Keith Clark is not an elite offensive line coach.”

    lol – would love to know who the “we” is that believes this.

    1. Clark is good, wouldn’t call him elite. Rory, you were elite and he was just lucky to coach you!

      The blog has always criticized Brooks and Clark among others which I find hilarious and refreshing.

      Parents at the last game mentioned the blog is put together by a couple of guys from the 2010-2012 classes.

  7. Anonymous what I don’t believe is that you are not an ass
    With that being said again I truly believe Dartmouth will lose this game no question about it
    Let’s Go Big Blue!!!!!!!

    1. Look at the last paragraph of this blog post. The first sentence and last sentence were accurate. Everything in between was apparently FOS.
      Yale’s defense is the achilles heel — last year’s defensive senior class was exceptional, and we knew their loss would be felt severely. That has proven to be the case.
      Holy Cross – Second half of the game, they couldn’t get a stop when it mattered.
      Cornell – big plays, blown plays, gave up four scores.
      Maine – D looked good, but how much of that was Maine having no passing game whatsoever, due to injury? It’s easier to defend a one-dimensional team, especially when they’re trying to come from behind.
      Dartmouth – game still going on – 7 possessions and NOT A SINGLE LEGITIMATE STOP by the defense. A self-inflicted fumble, and a missed FG represent Yale’s “wins” on defense.

    1. Well, Dartmouth did only score 7 points on offense in the 2nd half.

      Yale had their chances to keep the game close, especially in the 2nd quarter when they were inside the Dartmouth 30 three times and only came away with 3 points.

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