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Yale’s annual Blue-White Spring Game was held on Saturday, but resembled a typical practice in both form and spirit.  This was the result of both a scheduling issue and a number of injuries across the board.  Surely Yale’s athletic department could have arranged a scenario in which the game was played at the end of spring practice and not with three additional practices remaining without encroaching on Reading Period.  It’s disheartening to see that the injury bug has struck yet again after the misfortunes of the past two seasons and it may be an early sign that more key injuries are to come in the fall.

The QB competition remains a two-horse battle with Rafe Chapple and Tre Moore competing for the top spot.  The two QB’s split reps with the first team offense on Saturday and Reno has stated that the competition will last through preseason practices.  We would have preferred to see Reno select a QB this spring in order for the starter to develop chemistry with the receiving corps in summer workouts, but one thing we know about Reno is that he will keep the competition going until the very last second.  It seems logical that Tre Moore will earn the spot given that he is splitting reps with Chapple currently, is a year younger than Chapple, and has the athleticism to be a dual threat weapon.

The physicality at the line of scrimmage seemed to be lacking at this year’s spring game and the offensive line in particular was the biggest disappointment of the day.



8 thoughts on “Blue-White Notes”

  1. I thought the secondary was disappointing considering the talent they have at those positions, but I’ll give them a pass due to injuries…just this one time though

  2. Your review is overly offense-centric. The line backers and defensive line are the strength of this team. Considering Bezney is out rehabbing a knee, the offensive line will be improved over last year. The defense will be stout and with competent QB play the offense will be fine.

  3. The practice/scrimmage was completely lacking in intensity until the D line woke up near the end and manhandled the O line for several plays.
    Will Bezney be ready for the season?
    When/where will the final recruits list be posted.

  4. Jack Rushin looked impressive at LT. The kid looks natural on the offensive side of the ball. I wish the coaches would’ve switched him earlier in his career.

  5. I don’t believe Rushin played. Cody Arledge and Khalid Cannon played left tackle on offense. Rushin needs to come back for dline depth.

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