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Morgan Roberts worked out in front of scouts from three teams (Patriots, Jets and Colts) at his April 5th Pro Day.  We wish Roberts nothing but the best of luck, but it will be very difficult for him to crack a 90 man roster heading into preseason camp at the NFL level.  The Colts seem to be the most likely team to give him a shot considering that Tyler Varga is still on their roster after an impressive rookie season cut short due to injury.

Yale is in the midst of revamping its strength and conditioning program with a focus on improving the diets of the players.  Whether an improved ratio of macronutrients can balance out the ill effects of Toad’s beverage offerings remains to be seen.  The most painful memories of the 2015 campaign were observing linemen get pushed around by Harvard and Dartmouth players, so it’s great to see that there is a renewed effort from the coaching staff down to the players that they must get bigger, stronger and faster to win an Ivy title in 2016.

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  1. I wouldn’t rule out the Jets. They have learned the worth of an Ivy League quarterback by having Fitzpatrick on the team last year.

  2. Morgan Roberts won’t make it onto a NFL Roster. I wish he will, but his mediocre senior year performance + FCS level of competition means teams won’t give him a shot. Plenty of similar level QBs out there. Hoping Tyler Varga is back with the Colts. He showed signs of promise before his unfortunate injury.

    Crucial “prove it” moment for Coach Reno and his staff in my opinion. This “young” starred roster is now pretty experienced and we’ve had several cycles of top recruiting classes. If we’re still getting burned in the secondary, that’s on the coaching staff and questionable playbook calling at this point.

    With a good QB, we should make a run for the League championship. Virtually all of Yale’s sports are performing at the best they have in recent memory. It’s time for football to step up as well.

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