Garry Raymond

Garry Raymond is a 6’6″, 230 lb. tight end from Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Raymond is a big target who can flex out wide to create mismatches for any secondary.  He is nimble after the catch and uses his long arms to stiff arm would-be tacklers.  Raymond shows good footwork when run blocking as he effectively seals the edge on outside running plays and keeps his legs driving through the whistle.  He is adept at gaining significant yardage from screen passes and reverses.

7 thoughts on “Garry Raymond”

  1. Agreed the tight end position should be more utilized with current and incoming talent. Graham will be missed for sure but I have confidence with what’s in the cupboards

  2. From 247 Yale Football commit Ron Carr OL 6-5” 240 LBS. Solon High In Solon Ohio. He’ll be around 275 when he comes into New Haven next year

  3. Moderator:
    When you’ve finished your excellent analysis of this fall’s recruits, how about posting (and maintaining) a list of next year’s reinforcements. It would be very well received. Thanks.
    L et V

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