Seun Omonije

Seun Omonije is a 6’1″, 192 lb. receiver from St. Marks School in The Colony, Texas.  Omonije has great body control and concentration to secure difficult receptions.  After the catch, he is dynamic in the open field with well-timed jukes and spins as well as the blazing speed to make him a home run threat whenever he touches the ball.  Omonije has a good feel for touchdowns in the back of the endzone as he sets up a defender, quickly creates separation, catches the pass and taps his foot inbounds for a score.

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  1. Seun definitely has some size, moves, and speed! I am not familiar with his HS or its level of competition. Anyone know?

    1. St Marks is “the” exclusive private school in Dallas, Texas for boys. It is an excellent academic school. It has produced some great athletes who usually are scholarshiped, but has produced more elite Dallas businessmen and professionals. It is small and plays in a private school league which does not compare to the university inter scholastic league ( the “UIL”) where almost all great Texas high school football is played. St. Marks plays other small private schools in Dallas and has a long rivalry with Kincaid in Houston. St. Marks regularly sends young men to the Ivy League as regular students. In the UIL the classifications are single A to 6 A. St. Marks probably could be competitive in 3 A. I know nothing about this young man and he may be a great player but he didn’t play real Texas High School football.

  2. Thanks for the information! He was one of our earlier commits last year and I am glad he chose Yale. With his skills, maybe he will turn out to be a “sleeper” in the class.

    1. I hope so. The word I received from a St Mark’s alum is that he’s talented but didn’t get a chance to really show out because the team had a down year….not a lot of time for the quarterback to get him the ball …extra coverage Etc

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