Elliott McElwain

Elliott McElwain is a 5’11”, 205 lb. running back from Hewitt-Trussville High School in Trussville, Alabama.  McElwain is a load for defenders to bring down as he runs through arm tackles with ease.  He is just as dangerous as a receiver and actually had more receiving yards in his senior season than rushing yards.  His combination of speed and power is a welcome addition to the Bulldog backfield.  McElwain could also be a solid option as a slot receiver or even a wildcat QB.

3 thoughts on “Elliott McElwain”

  1. PS: I don’t mean lob screens 1/2 across the field with 2 WRs blocking (semi- effectively). I mean the quick screens (commented before on this blog) with people like ‘2023 Nick G., in front. As has also been said before, watching the offenses of some of these great HS teams could inspire our OC.

  2. Andy like a said last week just look at the tapes thats all coach Cahill has to do . Just open the play book. If coach Cahill has a little imagination with this team on offense we could rule the ivy league.

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