Trenton Charles

Trenton Charles is a 5’8″, 165 lb. running back from Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Charles was nicknamed “The Blur” in high school and his previous coaches timed him at 4.39 seconds in the 40 yard dash and 7.2 seconds in the 60 meter dash.  When Charles hits an open hole at full speed, defenders stand little chance to catch him.  He has soft hands out of the backfield and could see immediate action as a third down back, slot receiver or returner.  The stable of running backs that Coach Reno and Coach Lett recruited over the last few years is truly impressive.

4 thoughts on “Trenton Charles”

  1. Trenton Charles definitely has speed, but maybe equally important, he has great jump cut moves! Reminds me of Dudek (breaking out of the pack, changing direction), but is much smaller. Dudek is also fast. Challenge is to get them both (and Lamar and Purvey) into a diversified offense!

  2. Andy you hit the nail on the head.All the defensive coordinators in the league and outside the league are looking to stop Dudek. We need a little more creativity on offense. I hope coach Cahill is up to the task of being off coordinator. All the coaches have to do is look at the films of the offensives plays these kids are running in high school. Take three or more plays from there playbook and were winners. All we need is misdirection and play action schemes. WALT YALE BLUE.

  3. Speaking of recruiting, nobody does it better than crew coach Steve Goldstone!
    Another national championship and another victory over Harvard! Maybe Tony is going in the same direction.

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