Sebastian Bruno

Sebastian Bruno is a 6’4″, 240 lb. defensive lineman from Olympic Heights High School in Boca Raton, Florida.  Bruno was born and raised in Haiti before heading over to the States and had never played organized football until high school.  Bruno has elite size and athleticism for an Ivy League defensive lineman and can play inside at tackle or outside at end.  Bruno quickly disengages from blockers and uses his long arms to reel in ball carriers.  With the right coaching, he can develop into a dominant force.  I have a feeling Brown fans will hate hearing Bruno’s name in the coming years.

One thought on “Sebastian Bruno”

  1. Bruno appears to have the size and speed to be a major contributor to our defense. I hope for a dominant year from Kyle Mullen (and Charles Callender), but the next group of DEs needs to be developed! Sebastian should have great potential!

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