Coaching Shuffle

Another member of the coaching staff has decided to leave New Haven as Chandler Henley accepted an NFL position with the Tennessee Titans.  Assistant Offensive Line Coach Matt Cerins was promoted to Tight Ends Coach.  Former Syracuse and Colgate assistant, Ben Olson, has been named the Defensive Line Coach and will be responsible for recruiting in western states.

Men’s Basketball was routed by Penn 80-57 on Saturday at the Palestra to end the Bulldogs season.  Men’s lacrosse beat Fairfield and is ranked the #7 team in the nation.

6 thoughts on “Coaching Shuffle”

  1. I asked this in the previous post, and will ask again:
    Who replaced Paul Rice as Special Teams coordinator, and as DB coach?
    IMO, the losses on those two fronts are as concerning as the OL coaching slot, if not more so. The improvements in both of Rice’s areas was significant during his tenure. (Yes, some of the DB improvement should be attributed to the maturing of the players over time, but ST improvement was mostly due to scheme and coaching, as I see it.)

    1. Also, any word on who will be coaching the Offensive Line?
      It looks like we have a new TE coach, and a new Defensive Line coach (with former DL coach moving to LB). As I see it, there has been no formal or informal word on the following:
      Special Teams
      Offensive Line

      Seventeen days ’til the first practice of the spring session…

  2. The staff as of now, based on what’s been publicly released, and/or speculated. Lots of turnover this year! That happens a lot with failure — and success.

    HC: Tony Reno

    Off Coord: Kevin Cahill (new to position – replaces Joe Conlin)
    QB: Kevin Cahill (assuming he retains that role as well)
    WR: Art Asselta
    RB: Derrick Lett
    TE: Matt Cerins (new to position, was an assistant w/ the O-line – replaces Chandler Henley)
    O-Line: Al Netter (new to team, was grad asst. at Michigan, replaces Phil Trautwein, and Joe Conlin before that)

    Def Coord: Sean McGowan
    D-Line: Ben Olson (new to team, was OLB coach at Colgate, replaces Jordan Stevens, who moved to LB’s)
    LB: Jordan Stevens (new to position, was DL coach, replaces McGowan, who is now just DC)
    OLB: Steven Vashel
    DB: ????? (to replace Paul Rice)
    Special Teams: ????? (to replace Paul Rice. Kevin Cahill previously coached ST, but is presumably busy enough w/ his other jobs now)

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