Conlin heads to Fordham

Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Joe Conlin has decided to accept the head coaching position at Fordham University.  Conlin began at Yale in 2013 as the offensive line coach and was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2014.  It’s expected that Kevin Cahill will become the next offensive coordinator, but that still leaves an opening at the offensive line coaching position.  Look for the Bulldogs to snag a seasoned offensive line coach to lead the big men in the 2018 campaign.

3 thoughts on “Conlin heads to Fordham”

  1. This is certainly a loss for Yale. The vast improvement of the offensive line as well as the overall improvement in production of the offense can be attributed to Coach Conlin (and recruiting). However it is also a mark of the strength of the Yale program that he is headed for his first head coaching job. How many assistants has Nick Saban lost to head coaching positions? See the latest Sports Illustrated.

  2. As much as I appreciate the contributions of Coach Conlin to Yale Football a certain amount of turnover is beneficial to sustaining the creativity of an organization. New blood brings new ideas and will keep the program fresh. I hope Yale will seize this opportunity by bringing in an outstanding new offensive line coach. Best wishes to Coach Conlin, except in the 2019 Yale-Fordham game in New Haven!

  3. Carmen Cozza passed away this morning. He was 87. A class act and a true gentleman. The world is a better place for him.

    He had such positive impact on countless lives, players, staff, students, alumni and fans. I remember he took the time to answer my letter when I was a young kid back in the late 70’s. Much later in life (2016) he took the time to talk to me about Yale football after a game outside the Bowl. I really appreciate that time he gave me.

    I recommend anyone who hasn’t already read his book True Blue to do so. It’s a real tribute to the impact his like had on others.

    Coach Cozza will never be forgotten. RIP.

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