Ivy League Awards

Here are the Yalies that were honored by the Ivy League:

Zane Dudek-Rookie of the Year (unanimous)

Jon Bezney-1st Team All Ivy OL

Karl Marback-1st Team All Ivy OL

Zane Dudek-1st Team All Ivy RB (unanimous)

Jaeden Graham-1st Team All Ivy TE

John Herubin-1st Team All Ivy DL

Matthew Oplinger-1st Team All Ivy LB (unanimous)

Hayden Carlson-1st Team All Ivy DB

Spencer Rymiszewski-1st Team All Ivy DB

Anders Huizenga-2nd Team All Ivy OL

Sterling Strother-2nd Team All Ivy OL

Christopher Williams-Lopez-2nd Team All Ivy WR

Charles Callender-2nd Team All Ivy DL

Kyle Mullen-2nd Team All Ivy DL

Foyesade Oluokun-2nd Team All Ivy LB

Alex Galland-2nd Team All Ivy Punter

Dieter Eiselen-HM All Ivy OL

Kurt Rawlings-HM All Ivy QB

Deshawn Salter-HM All Ivy RB

Malcolm Dixon-HM All Ivy DB

Jason Alessi-HM All Ivy DB



9 thoughts on “Ivy League Awards”

  1. I prefer the moderators picks. It seems that the Ivy limits the amount of awards handed out no matter how dominant the team played. 1 point away from perfection. We know the truth. #ITO.

  2. Commits seem to be coming a bit slower this year than in the past couple of years. That said, I know that I have seen a few names who are not on the 247 list (which currently doesn’t have Nick Henkel as a Yale commit) and not recently posted by Walt. Maybe the Moderator could start a list here and folks could add players about whom there is some reasonably solid commitment information.

  3. Shane Frommer 5’11” 192lbs, RB/LB, King Philip Regional, Wrentham, MA. (Team ranked 3rd in state, playing for state championship in Gillette Stadium on 12/1).

  4. Nick Olsofka, 6’2” 264 lbs, DT, Christian Academy, Louisville, KY (2* on 247, but not listed as Yale offer or commit).

    Nick Gargiulo, 6’5” 270 lbs, DT, OL, Somers HS, Lincolndale, NY

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