Post-Season Awards

Rookie of the Year: Zane Dudek

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Jon Bezney

Receiver/TE of the Year: Christopher Williams-Lopez

QB/RB of the Year: Kurt Rawlings

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Kyle Mullen

Linebacker of the Year: Matthew Oplinger

Defensive Back of the Year: Hayden Carlson

Special Teams Player of the Year: Andrew Johnson

MVP: Kurt Rawlings

Coach of the Year: Tony Reno

6 thoughts on “Post-Season Awards”

    1. By my count, we had 19 players receive All Ivy recognition at some level: 10 on offense and 9 on defense (including Galland as P). The entire OL was recognized (including Graham our TE) and all four DBs and both LBs. Dudek and Oplinger were unanimous picks. Pretty strong showing. Maybe a record.

  1. I am surprised that Copache Tyler received no Yale banquet or All Ivy recognition. In my view he was our most dominant interior DL. A beast who ate up OLs.

  2. Completely befuddled that Copache didn’t win an 🥇 award
    He was double and tripled teamed all season allowing teammates to do damage. Not sure what happened there.
    Either way his performance was outstanding and without him I doubt the D would have been as great as they were.
    Thank you Tyler for coming back and for your outstanding performance

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