Notes on Brown Game

The Bulldogs rolled to a 34-7 victory over Brown at the Yale Bowl on Friday night claiming the top spot in the Ivy League race.

The offensive line did a fabulous job opening holes for RB Zane Dudek who finished with 165 yards and 3 touchdowns on only 13 rushes.  Melvin Rouse was also utilized as a running back early on (3 carries, 8 yards) and Michael Purvey came in to relieve Dudek.  Purvey had a few nice runs and nearly broke off a long touchdown as he gained 72 yards on the evening.  Unfortunately, OT Jon Bezney appeared to have injured his knee when a Brown defender fell on the side of his leg.  Freshman Cameron Warfield filled Bezney’s spot and did an excellent job.

Rawlings was deadly accurate in the contest going 17 for 25 for 294 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Shohfi led the wideouts this week with 107 yards and 2 touchdowns.  With Shohfi’s blend of size, speed and catching ability, he will likely be the #1 WR for the Bulldogs next season.  TE Jaeden Graham had another fine outing hauling in 5 catches for 82 yards.

The defensive line and linebackers dominated Brown’s offense limiting them to only 235 yards in the contest.  Brown was just 2 of 16 on third down conversions.  QB Thomas Linta took a beating from our defenders and although he was only sacked twice, the hits led to interceptions, poor throws and an intentional grounding penalty.  Players such as Keeler, Oluokun, Rymiszewski, Mullen, Chism, Roman and others smashed Linta.  WR Jakob Prall was one of the lone bright spots for Brown as he had 4 catches for 84 yards.  The young defensive back collection of Henson, Dixon, Peggs and Alburg played well despite a few blown coverages.  Rymiszewski and Alessi both had interceptions that were demoralizing for Brown’s offense.  Oluokun was all over the field and Carlson continues to impress us every week with his playmaking abilities.

Our luck on two point conversions could not last forever.  Johnson’s attempt to catch Brown sleeping after the opening score was clearly an error.  It’s hard to surprise a team with a two point conversion attempt after displaying it on film multiple times.  Galland had a solid day kicking and punting the ball.  Alessi made two questionable decisions during punt returns.  On one punt, he decided not to fair catch the ball and it bounced for twenty extra yards and on another play, he called for a fair catch inside of the 10 yard line.  We can beat Brown with these little mistakes, but to beat Princeton and Harvard we need to clean things up this week in practice.

3 thoughts on “Notes on Brown Game”

  1. Yale has the potential to win out. Coaching needs to put the team in a position to win out the league. Depth has been a plus for these Yale players
    Defenseman have brought their game and if they play to their expectations it will be harder to score on them.
    Offense has been good but should be great!
    Let’s go Yale bring home the Ivy Title!
    This team has the power,confidence and talent to bring Yale to an Ivy championship

  2. Hi guys nice game yale had against brown in control from start to finish. Nice to see Michael Purvey play had a nice game good speed.What can you say about Dudek great back fun to watch.Rouse are other back should be running outside not inside .Should be used with play action out of the backfield.Great speed get him out in space.I wish Rawlings would not look at his first receiver all the time going to get intercepted sooner or later .A lot of times our running backs are open in the flat.Where going for a championship lets not be predictable in our play calling on offense open the play book. Princeton is a good team there offense is very good. There wide outs are key to the game. Have to keep there offense off the field. Yale has to have long drives and score often . Defense has to be on there toes four this game. We have a very aggressive defensive we have to watch out for screenplays and play action play. Hit the OB on every play do not let him get into a rhythm . There defense is hurting should be able to run on them. There D backs and LB are good and fast.This will be a great game to watch. Yale remember last year kick some butt down there good luck sat. Walt Yale Blue.

  3. Dudek, should be considered for POY honors.!! The kid is a remarkable talent. It’s a pleasure watching this team. Who thought that Yale would be in this position at this time of year.!!!
    Walt is right, Rawlings has to learn how to check down his receivers.!! Missing wide open players in the flats. Alas he is young an hopefully figure it out.Blessed to have him.

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