14 thoughts on “Yale 34 Brown 7”

  1. Impressive win! See my comment on Conte in the pre-game. Shouldn’t we be trying to make sure that he can run the full offense in case Rawlings goes down (and shoudn’t Rawlings stop tryin to run the ball when he is ahead 27-0?)

  2. I’m surprised Tre Moore has been removed from the QB back-up roll. Conte must look really good in practice for them to do that, but he sure doesn’t look good in the limited game time play he’s had so far. Based on what I’ve seen during games I prefer Tre Moore.

  3. Just a quick word. It think a better idea would be Walker Lott big kid can throw the ball . Has some speed also should be on offense. Would make a nice HB.

  4. Well. that’s the end of the “trap” games. It’s a new season from now on, and this is the best all-around team in years, certainly since 2014.

  5. The staff and the team seem happy, confident and tight. I think Tony has found the right mix of playing time based upon merit and ability.
    The physical play does remind me of the dominant teams of the 70’s and 80’s but this is a new era.
    Dudek’s Pittsburgh followers are starting to adopt Yale football and that bodes well for recruiting and attendance. I’m going to Princeton and Harvard as this team is special and I do not want to miss the experience.
    My only concern is getting exposed by great passing schemes and burned long by Princeton and Harvard. Our talent in the back is good enough but they are in single coverage too much.

  6. I believe Reno was upset because of the 2 late 2nd quarter INTs leading to no points. 1st gave team field position at the Brown 43 and they went 3 and out. After the 2nd, they drove to the Brown 4 and had 1st and goal. Rawlings fumbled.

  7. As stated prior,Yale controls their destiny to the championship!!!! I’ll be traveling to p’ton to watch our Big, Bad, Blue take on the tigers.
    LETS GO BULLDOGS!!! Beat these tigers and let the league know…YALE is back and looking for titles for years to come!

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