Notes on Columbia Game

The Bulldogs utilized a lethal rushing attack and a swarming defense to stuff the Lions 23-6 at the Bowl on Saturday.

The defensive line and linebackers punished Columbia’s offense all day.  Defensive Coordinator Sean McGowan used creative blitzes to constantly bring pressure against Anders Hill.  Hill was a beaten and battered man by the end of the game.  Even after scoring a touchdown following a rough goal line series, one could tell from Hill’s body language that he looked defeated.  Oplinger added 1.5 sacks to his season total, Callender notched one sack and Roman was credited with half a sack.  The interior defensive linemen were the unsung heroes of the game as they ran stunts to perfection to free up the ends and linebackers.  Rymiszewski did not play, but the youngsters Henson, Dixon and Alburg stepped up to fill the void.  The defensive backfield did not have their best performance of the season with receivers beating us deep and numerous pass interference penalties.  Columbia simply could not capitalize on the mistakes made in the secondary to keep the game close.

The offensive line of Strother, Marback, Eiselen, Huizenga, and Bezney bulldozed the Columbia front seven leading to 251 rushing yards on the day.  Dudek rushed 25 times for 173 yards, Salter rushed 12 times for 60 yards and Rawlings added another 16 yards.  Dudek made Columbia’s safeties and linebackers look silly in the open field.  Salter appeared to go down with an arm or shoulder injury in the fourth quarter after being driven into the turf.  Williams-Lopez and Dudek led the team in receiving yards with 60 yards and 45 yards respectively.  Rawlings managed the game to perfection, but his throws were off for most of the contest in the strong wind present at the Bowl.  Rawlings finished just 10/27 for 127 yards, one touchdown and one interception.  The interception was an underthrown ball to Graham who had a step on the defender.  The receiving corps aside from Williams-Lopez did not have a strong game as they ran sloppy routes and dropped passes.

Andrew Johnson made another terrific call on the fake field goal and did his best Tim Tebow impersonation to rush up field and deliver a perfect touchdown pass to Graham.  The two blocked field goals were ugly and kick coverage still remains shaky.

Yale has a short week to prepare for the Friday night contest versus the Brown Bears on NBCSN at 8 PM ET.

8 thoughts on “Notes on Columbia Game”

  1. Yale should handle the bears no problem but…
    They need to focus and not look forward to the P’ton game.
    DEFENSE will control the game! O line will allow the rushing attack to continue its prominence and WIN!
    Let’s get after this brown team and continue our march toward an Ivy championship this year.

  2. after reading about Brown’s anemic offense it’s time to get 2nd team guys some experience. We need the starters for the last 2 games of the season.
    Go Bulldogs!!

  3. Guys just a little wake up call. Yale cannot take brown lightly. They are a hard team to figure out. They have talent at RB WR and their offense line is physical.QB is ok.They run multiple offensive plays. Nice to watch.If they ever get their act together and execute there offensive plays someone could be in trouble. I hope it not us.Defense is good . One problem secondary is like ours long ball can be had.Just a few things about Yale . Everyone has to remember sat we will have as of now two freshman as our running backs. One proven the other the starting his career at Yale.I have a very good felling about Michael Purvey he will surprise us all.There is talk of moving Thomas Vissman to running back i like that idea. Getting him up to speed is another thing.This is a long shot we are very good at LB why not move Micah Awodiran to RB very good in high school. Just thinking. One other thing thats going to bite us in the ass before the season is over our play calling .Conlin the man has no imagination at all. No wildcat no wide receiver end around no middle screens no screens to the running back i could go on and on . What kills me we have the players to do this. Just heard the kid from conn will be the OB Sat . Now i smell a trap game. Good luck Yale Walt Yale Blue

  4. I agree with Walt. Taking any Ivy team for granted is a BIG mistake. I assume that the coaches are preaching this to the players and that they will not let up. Walt, who is starting at QB? Conte? Why?

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