15 thoughts on “Yale 23 Columbia 6”

  1. Yale’s most significant victory so far! All three phases of the team were terrific against a very strong team. I can’t believe that this late in the season Yale is in first place with Columbia and Cornell (which were predicted to finish 7th and 8th).

  2. Rough day for Dudek(LOL). He was averaging 9 yards a carry and was only able to average 6.9 yards a play on 25 carries for a total of 173 yards. I believe he is now the leading rusher in the Ivy League. I posted earlier in the year that Dudek will lead the Ivy League in rushing and I think the only thing that could stop him is an injury.

  3. Terrible news about Salter. The thunder and lightning backfield was unstoppable.

    I feel so bad for the kid. A great runner with both speed and power.

  4. Ok here we go 3 week season. The defense is getting better and better each week. Its fun watching linemen pick up their QB’s week after week. It takes a serious toll come the 4th quarter. Love, love, love the Blue OL pushing other teams around and allowing a rushing game second to none !!! Go get what is yours !!!! Go Big Blue !!!

  5. Dartmouth was agonizing, but it’s been a delight watching Team 145 (I don’t mind the numerology) get after it on both sides of the ball. If only Varga’d had such an OL. Speaking of which, if Bezney and Lee (a projected starter this fall) return in 2018, we’ll have 80% of our OL back with deep reservoir of talent eager to get off the pine. I bet the coaches are thinking about switching some of the nastier OLs to the more violent side.

  6. Thomas Vissman was a top RB in the WPIAL’s highest class AAAA. Maybe he should be switched to the offensive side and given some reps.

  7. How to win an Ivy League football championship


    “Simply put, the most effective way to win an Ivy League football championship is by controlling the running game on both sides of the ball.”


    Rushing Offense
    Team YDS/G
    Yale 225.9 <——————————-
    Harvard 181.3
    Dartmouth 165.4
    Penn 161.4
    Princeton 156.4
    Cornell 144.4
    Columbia 109.9
    Brown 95.4

    Rushing Defense
    Team YDS/G
    Yale 77.3 <———————–
    Princeton 84.6
    Harvard 100.1
    Dartmouth 115.3
    Columbia 143.9
    Cornell 147.6
    Brown 158.7
    Penn 163.4

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