9 thoughts on “Yale 24-Penn 19”

  1. After the two 4th quarter fumbles, when Penn took the lead, I wondered if this team had the toughness to win close games. No longer. Both the offense and the defense proved in the last 7 minutes that they have what it takes.

    Great job, Yale.

  2. The worst calls against Yale were the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Crowle and the late hit against Rymiszewski. Both calls occurred on the same Penn drive which resulted in a field goal.

    Also the defensive pass interference call against Penn on the Klubnick touchdown was bad. Should have been a no call.

  3. SOE, I just watched it again. Even the announcers commented that they couldn’t understand why or how.?
    Would love to see a revamping of the system. They are horrible.
    Bowowowow, had a hookup .

  4. This league race could be totally different had the refs in charge call an accurate game. I’ve read from (seems) every team ,fan, coach…that the officials calling games have made a certain impact on the outcome of games.
    Something needs to be done with how the Ivy League selects and monitors how the officials perform. Maybe time for the Ivies to bring in instant replay to assure that these hard working men get the correct calls for their efforts.
    It’s sad to see the refs making inconsistent calls and controlling the outcome of said games.
    Other than that gripe “LETS GO YALE” ” BEAT Columbia!!!!

  5. So glad that I was wrong about this being a ‘trap game.’
    It was still closer than it could have – and perhaps should have – been, had the penalties and turnovers not kept Penn as close as they were.
    Very impressed by the tenacious defense, and the offense bouncing back from some big mistakes to take control when they needed to.
    This year it seems that performance is (finally?) matching potential. That’s great to see – and I hope the final four weeks are ones to remember!

  6. Voy vey, I’m glad that your glad.!! I’m happy for Ray Football Fan , Walt Yale Blue, Yale 1701 and especially for Stanley.!!
    Been a long long time to see a Yale team such as this. That will be reloading for years to come.
    Not only Yale but Columbia doing so well. Every week is a essentially a playoff game . Up next the Lions 🦁 a very good team , let’s get some people to the game that normally wouldn’t go to a Yale game. I like to bring someone new each game.!! Invite your friends, neighbors, people from work, church WALMART.!!!

  7. A little close for comfort, but the comeback was inspired and inspiring. Also, we broke the Franklin Field jinx (after ten years!)!
    As Tony said, Penn, despite its losing record, has played almost even with the league’s best.

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