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First Impressions of Recruits

Micah Awodiran (LB)-Arguably the top recruit in the class, Awodiran is a speedy sideline-to-sideline linebacker who effortlessly sheds blocks.  He is a great blitzer, has excellent tackling skills and demonstrates high effort on the gridiron.

Christian Sampleton (TE/DE)- Sampleton displays natural instincts on the defensive side of the ball with quick play recognition abilities.  He punishes smaller backs that attempt to block him and chases down ball carriers when given a window.  On offense, he is a solid downfield blocker with sure hands and is a threat after the reception.

Jake Hinish (OL)- Hinish is a bruising blocker that utilizes his hands well and generates a push off of the line of scrimmage.  He is quick enough to be an effective pulling guard and once he locks onto a defender, he will play through the whistle.

John Dean (LB)- Dean may be the best linebacker in pass coverage of this class as he is constantly disrupting throwing lanes.  He is also a very effective blitzer and open field tackler.

Jimmy Check (QB)- Check is a tall, lanky passer with a big arm.  He looks to throw first, but is evasive in the pocket and can create opportunities with his legs.  Check can adjust on the fly and keeps broken plays alive.  His throwing mechanics and most notably footwork, are excellent for a young QB.

Patrick Conte (QB)- Conte is able to fit the ball into tight spaces and keeps his eyes downfield when the pocket collapses.  He throws accurate passes rolling out to his right or left side.  Conte is great at reading defenses and loves getting the ball to his deep threats when there is a breakdown in coverage.

Walker Lott (DB)- Lott is a former QB who has the size and tools needed to successfully transition to defensive back.  His film shows off his speed and power.  Given his QB experience, he should be able to learn Yale’s coverage packages quickly.

Jordan Carey (LB)- Carey is a downhill linebacker that can shoot into the backfield and disrupt plays from the start.  He is shifty in a short area making it difficult for linemen to latch onto him.  His most impressive traits are his speed and tackling abilities.  Coaches look for linebackers that run like safeties and Carey definitely fits this mold.

Blake Hill (LB)- Hill looks like the classic middle linebacker with the size and power to limit offenses.  He is a big hitter and seizes opportunities to lay the wood on opponents.  Hill was a solid runningback at the high school level and that athleticism should serve him well chasing down backs at the collegiate level.

Donovan Slater (OL)- Slater is a strong center that maintains leg drive through the whistle.  His snapping skills are solid and he uses his size to overpower smaller linebackers at the second level.  He is also effective at recognizing blitzes and stunts.

D. Major Roman (TE)- Roman is a tall tight end with the hands and leaping ability to catch balls in traffic.  After the catch, Roman has the speed and power to extend the play.  He could develop into a serious weapon for Rawlings.

Thomas Vissmann (RB)- Vissmann runs with aggression and easily breaks arm tackles.  When the hole is clogged, he has the patience and vision to turn a loss into a gain.  With the talented RBs we have and a defensive backfield that will graduate several starters after this season, Vissmann could find himself on the defensive side of the ball given his talent at safety.

Ethan Campbell (LB)- Campbell is a technically sound player that loves running down ball carriers.  With his height and pass rushing abilities, he may be better suited to play defensive end than linebacker at the next level.  Campbell loves to punish quarterbacks and is hard to block at the point of attack.

Brandon Peterson (DE)- Peterson has the leg strength to bullrush offensive tackles into the backfield and the speed to run down quarterbacks after disengaging with the blocker.  He is quick off the ball and keeps containment on the outside shutting down sweeps and reverses.  Peterson could develop into a defensive tackle with additional weight.

JJ Howland (TE)- Howland is another tall target at tight end that is able to catch the ball at its highest point leaving smaller defensive backs helpless.  Howland’s biggest strength is receiving balls in traffic as he will catch contested balls and isn’t afraid to get hit over the middle.  He is also strong run blocker and keeps his legs driving through the whistle.

Cameron Warfield (OL)- Warfield shows that he has the power to move defenders in the run game and the quick feet to stay with speedy defensive ends in passing scenarios.  He utilizes his size and leverage to seal off defenders on the backside of plays and likes to finish with a pancake.

Michael Purvey Jr. (RB)- Purvey is a well-rounded back that is dangerous on handoffs and short passes out of the backfield.  Once he has a step on the defender, there is no chance of running him down.  As he extends plays laterally, he can find a hole and quickly turn upfield for a big gain.

Darrion Carrington (WR)- Carrington is the complete package at wideout.  He is fast, tall, runs sharp routes, and has sticky hands.  Carrington is also a dangerous punt returner and could make an impact on special teams early in his career.

Melvin Rouse II (CB)- Rouse has all the tools to be a shutdown corner in the Ivy League.  He’s quick, has great awareness, and packs a punch when tackling.  Rouse is fantastic at reading quarterbacks and once he intercepts the pass, he is electric with the ball in his hands.

Zane Dudek (RB)- Dudek simply could not be tackled at the high school level.  He breaks arm tackles, stiff arms defenders and spins away from the opposition as he dashes for large gains.  Dudek’s vision and patience allow him to wait for teammates’ blocks to spring free.

Sasha Hoban (TE)- Hoban is a versatile tight end that can be lined up on the outside or in the box.  He runs sharp routes often leaving defenders yards behind as the ball is delivered.  Hoban is also great at releasing from the line of scrimmage as he rarely will get jammed by linebackers or safeties.

Tyler Jost (OT)- Jost uses quick feet to set up nicely in pass protection and looks to put defenders onto the turf when they lose their balance.  He is most comfortable when down blocking a defensive tackle as he clears the gap for the back.  When Jost engages a defender, he keeps his legs driving through whistle.

Deonte Henson (CB)- Henson is a very quick athlete than can turn on a dime. He has excellent catch-up speed allowing him to intercept well thrown balls.  His sticky hands and awareness make him a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks.  Henson has all the tools to play on an island and shut down a team’s top target.

Grant Neagli (OT)- Offensive line coaches love players like Neagli who can create a hole at the line of scrimmage and then run downfield to continue blocking multiple defenders.  He has a nasty streak and routinely plants defenders.  Neagli’s strength and long arms keep defenders at bay and allow him to defeat pass rush moves with ease.

Rodney Thomas (DB)- Thomas has great route recognition skills and the agility to stay glued to fast wideouts.  He is a high effort athlete that is always competing whether it be on defense, offense or special teams.  Thomas’ speed and athleticism enable him to play man coverage without a 5 yard buffer.

Darnell Robinson (CB)- Robinson is yet another talented defensive back in this class.  With his confirmed 4.5 speed, receivers simply cannot outrun him.  When he’s not shutting down wideouts in coverage, he is equally impressive in run game support.  He knows how to get off blocks and is a sure tackler.

AJ Ryan (LB)- Ryan has the prototypical size, speed and strength for an inside linebacker.  He shoots downhill with aggression and obliterates backs on contact.  Aside from the run game, Ryan is also a skilled blitzer and a talented defender in pass coverage.

Michael Chime (DT)- Watching Chime block a punt and then proceed to scoop and score should show you everything you need to know about this athlete.  Chime is solidly built and is able to bull rush through blockers, yet he also has the speed and hip flexibility to rush an outside edge.  Chime has a powerful first step and is quick enough to penetrate the backfield before the play develops.


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