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Notes on the loss to Brown

Kurt Rawlings might develop into a star in the years to come, but he’s clearly not there yet.  He was great at eluding defenders in the pocket and made a number of tough throws, but the misses to Marcinick in the endzone and the ugly interception were crucial to Brown’s victory.  The receiving corps did not bail out Rawlings.  Clemons dropped a touchdown pass that looked like it was going to be picked off, Klubnik tried to haul in another deep ball with one hand, and Leo Haenni bobbled an easy catch.  The offensive line struggled all day against Dewey Jarvis with Lamar and Salter hit behind the line of scrimmage on several run plays.   Jeho Chang was back in the lineup at left guard.  JP Shohfi was the offensive player of the week for Yale after a number of impressive receptions.

Despite a number of blunders on the defensive side of the ball, the defense still gave our offense every chance to pull out a victory.  Crowle and Egu were not seen on Saturday and we speculate they are out with injuries.  Freshmen Spencer Matthaei, Joshua Keeler, and Julian Fraser all saw action at defensive tackle.  Sophomore Quintin Herbert replaced Egu at linebacker.  Oluokun had his worst game of the year as he missed several tackles and could not stop the quick outs thrown at him.  Harriott’s big TD run in the first quarter and Demetri Jackson’s TD reception in the second half should have been minimal gains, but defenders simply did not wrap up.

The special teams played well until the very last play of the game.  Alessi has to catch that punt whether he is going to return it or not and the blockers need to be aware of where the ball is before turning their backs.  The officiating was horrendous all day and the Ivy League must implement replays to supplement the worst referees in the FCS.

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