Ivy Standings

With the brutal non-conference schedule behind us, it’s time to focus exclusively on Ivy League opponents. ┬áHere are the current standings:

Harvard 2-0

Princeton 2-0

Penn 2-0

Cornell 1-1

Yale 1-1

Dartmouth 0-2

Brown 0-2

Columbia 0-2

Yale plays Penn this Friday at 7 PM ET on NBCSN

6 thoughts on “Ivy Standings”

  1. With the Patriot League now offering football scholarships, more of these non-conference games are going to be brutal. This year it certainly shows, not just for Yale but for almost all the Ivies. Harvard’s loss to bottom feeder Holy Cross, however, was due more to crimson injuries than the strength of the crusaders. Maybe, just maybe, this year Yale may have a stronger bench than Harvard.

  2. Mr. Patrick –
    Not trying to be mean, but…
    If you believe Harvard had “injuries” last Saturday, you probably believed Baghdad Bob, that Iraq was ready to take on the US and conquer the world.
    Harvard _sat out_ their key players against HC, plain and simple.
    Harvard didn’t lose because PL “bottom-feeder” HC offers scholarships. They lost because they chose not to play to win.

    No chance Yale has a stronger bench than Harvard — JV results for the past few years indicate otherwise.

    Yale has already lost half their secondary, half their receivers, and half their RB’s to injury. By the time the Harvard game rolls around, our starting RB will probably be Marty Moesta, and the secondary will be spearheaded by Kurt Rawlings and Alex Galland.

    Until this inability to avoid ridiculous amounts of injuries is rectified, the program is destined for year-after-year of 4-6 and 5-5 finishes, at best, with “if only…” and “yeah, but…” excuses from the staff.

  3. Yale struggled against scholarship programs this year, but the Ivy League as a whole didn’t. This year’s league record was 10-10 against athletic scholarship programs. Yale’s 0-3 record out of conference has more to do with problems at Yale than the strength of the competition.

  4. Perhaps it’s just me, but I see the glass as half full and getting fuller.
    Let’s start with the premise that we were in disarray before we settled on a QB and turned Harris into Paul Bunyan.
    That said, Colgate creamed us, and Cornell beat Colgate. Not good.
    Lehigh also creamed us, but beat PA and Princeton as well. Fordham beat PA handily, and sneaked by us .
    Things they are looking up, or so I choose to believe.

  5. Friday’s game will be the tell tale of how this ivy league season will go.
    Wet weather and a little Yale Bowl magic would be a nice benefit to our bulldogs. Here’s to Moore running wild down the field and Galland running it in for 2 while Moesta and Rawlings block for him.
    War bulldogs, war rain, mud and long turf. Out.

  6. They are awful. Plain & simple. Lamar is the one standout. The rest are nothing. No scholarships at Penn. Note however that Michael Collins, talented QB from New Canaan, is.

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