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Questions Heading into the Scrimmage

Brown is returning 15 starters from last year’s squad, so the upcoming closed scrimmage on Saturday at the Yale Bowl should give our team a great opportunity to compete against a veteran unit and put the finishing touches on a fantastic preseason.  The scrimmage should help answer some of these lingering questions:

Will the scrimmage solidify one QB as the starter or will Reno opt to have the contenders compete for another two weeks?

Can the offense get off to a more productive start than in the Blue-White scrimmage?

Will Coach Vashel get more creative in his defensive play calling duties?

Will Coach Conlin expand the playbook this season?

How will Salter, Rich and Harris all be utilized effectively at RB?

Can we manhandle opponents at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball?

Feel free to comment and discuss these questions below.  Yale just announced that the scrimmage will be closed to the public, so the majority of our questions will remain unanswered until kickoff on September 17th.

Our first opponent, Colgate, is gearing up for its opener vs. Syracuse on Friday evening.


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