Questions Heading into the Scrimmage

Brown is returning 15 starters from last year’s squad, so the upcoming closed scrimmage on Saturday at the Yale Bowl should give our team a great opportunity to compete against a veteran unit and put the finishing touches on a fantastic preseason.  The scrimmage should help answer some of these lingering questions:

Will the scrimmage solidify one QB as the starter or will Reno opt to have the contenders compete for another two weeks?

Can the offense get off to a more productive start than in the Blue-White scrimmage?

Will Coach Vashel get more creative in his defensive play calling duties?

Will Coach Conlin expand the playbook this season?

How will Salter, Rich and Harris all be utilized effectively at RB?

Can we manhandle opponents at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball?

Feel free to comment and discuss these questions below.  Yale just announced that the scrimmage will be closed to the public, so the majority of our questions will remain unanswered until kickoff on September 17th.

Our first opponent, Colgate, is gearing up for its opener vs. Syracuse on Friday evening.


17 thoughts on “Questions Heading into the Scrimmage”

  1. I hope Reno stands behind one QB sooner rather than later. The team needs to know who the starter and leader of the team will be this year. Competition is great, but unity is superior.

    Conlin’s play calling ranged from excellent (Maine, Brown and Princeton games last year) to downright ugly (Dartmouth and Harvard games). I’d like to see us pound the rock early in games to set up long passes. Vashel needs to throw more blitzes, disguised coverages, etc. at our opponents.

  2. I think there is value in keeping the QB competition going as long as possible, even into the season. That way you end up with a solid back-up with experience. It also makes sure you get the decision right.

  3. I expect the offensive line to be strong. There are 18 on the roster with four returning starters and several returning letterman with experience. The depth will be good and the guys have added weight and strength. The line should average well over 300lbs per man. This should translate into a punishing ground game.

  4. The big boys in the trenches look like they put on some BEEF this off season. I think Bob makes a great point, the guys up front look strong and they have older guys like Friedline and Iverson to lead them into battle. IVY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE WON BY THE BEEF UP FRONT. Bash em and mash em BABY

    1. I thought the freshman was the most impressive of the QB’s. Certainly, no Morgan Roberts on this team. No Tyler Varga, either.

      Despite “being on the roster,” no Hines to be found on the sidelines. No Siragusa, for that matter. And where was Spencer Rymiszewski? Foye O. not suited up and wearing a boot – not a good sign. There’s half our starting secondary, MIA. Dale Harris carrying a clipboard…

      I’m hoping some of these “ghosts” were hold-outs for safety reasons, but it’s a bit disconcerting, heading into the Ten Weeks That Matter.

      On the plus side, a lot of freshmen saw action and looked good. If they can avoid the apparently-inherent Yale University Injury Bug, the long-term future looks bright. The short-term future? I’m not so sure.

  5. Wow! That is a bombshell. I wish there was better press coverage for Yale football to get information like this out. The Yale Daily News is the best available now for this type of inside information. Hopefully they’ll investigate it.

  6. Ray, why do you ask about Bo Hines? He’s still on the roster. I don’t think it’s unusual for him to be held out of the scrimmage as a precaution with the injuries he had last year.

  7. Numerous players were held out for precautionary reasons and Yale still was superior to Brown. Copache Tyler is not playing this year.

        1. How did Mr. Vey get into the bowl to see the scrimmage? Did they take score? And why all the secrecy? These were two middle-of-the-league Ivy teams banging heads other than their own and giving their freshmen some reps. It was a given that neither team is going to show any trick plays. It would have been fun to cheer them on, like we did In years past.

          1. Had to be on the friends-and-family list to get in, just as was the case for Harvard-Dartmouth scrimmage on 9/9.

            Final was Yale 26, Brown 14.

            There was no good reason I could see for the scrimmage to be “closed.” I think it’s just something Reno does because his former boss (Murphy) does it and wins, so he must think it’ll help his team win. I’m thinking getting better talent than everyone else has more to do with H’s winning, but…

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