Pre-Season Updates

Camp Day #6 is officially in the books.  Be sure to checkout the official Yale Football Twitter page for the occasional video highlights:

The Yale-Brown scrimmage will be played at the Yale Bowl on Labor Day weekend this year, but the date/time is still TBD.

Incoming Freshman RB Andrew Grinde apparently left Yale prior to the start of camp for unknown reasons.  With the talent returning at RB for the Bulldogs, even a stellar Freshman RB would find himself four slots deep on the depth chart.  Whatever the true reason is for Grinde’s departure, we’re hoping we see Grinde on the field next season!

Tyler Varga confirmed through various media outlets that his decision to retire was due to health concerns.  We can’t blame a fellow Eli for using his brain power to preserve his mind while he still can.

Yale’s first opponent, Colgate, will kick off the season at Syracuse on September 2nd.  We’ll have an in-depth breakdown of their squad in the days following that contest.



16 thoughts on “Pre-Season Updates”

  1. The O Line has made strides since the spring, but overall cohesiveness could still be improved. Line communication seems to be much better though. If they set the tone in the scrimmage vs. Brown, I think they will hold up well against Colgate in the first match.

  2. That’s good to hear. I heard rumors that Friedline weighed over 335 pounds this summer. I was really questioning his mobility at that weight.

  3. Was at the scrimmage today, Friedline didn’t look a pound over 330 and moved pretty gracefully. Reminded me of Will Chism ’15 at his best.

  4. The interior o line really stole the show. Kept a tight pocket on pass plays and gave the QBs enough time to complete passes. Friedline and Chang are a modern day Bash Brothers and should open up a breakfast restaurant with all the pancakes they will be serving up this season.

  5. Quarterbacks had red jerseys on for some reason, was kind of confusing but made them easy to find. Surprise standouts included the senior Spencer Mcmanes and walk on Henry Baldwin. Mcmanes has a cannon and Baldwin is a young buck who can get it done with his legs as well as through the air, definitely a dual threat. Along with chapple and Moore those four are fighting for the first team reps. Really liked what I saw out of TE Linus Haenni, great hands. RB s showed good speed and vision. The run game will be strong.

    1. Linus? Is that a nick name? I heard the tight ends are all looking good. Better give these quarterbacks that reliable safety valve until they have settled in

  6. Speaking of safety valves, I think Lancione would make a great goal line fullback. He’s explosive enough to blow up a while for our RBs and I’ve heard he’s got some of the softest hands on the squad.

  7. Anyone know the time for the Brown scrimmage this Saturday and why it is such a big secret that Yale does not announce?

  8. Anon, I think his name is Linus on the roster?? Carmelo, Lancione left the team last Spring, but he was a total mauler, probably would have been a great grinder in between the tackles. Would have also been a great option for the annual ivy league pie eating contest. I’m with jimd on the brown scrimmage, why are we left in the dark about these things? Just want to cheer on the team….

  9. So this blog has a post that is almost a week old and features 1) a highly regarded recruit who is no longer with the team and 2) a scrimmage with Brown this weekend about which there is still virtually no information. The Ivy League Sports blog has an extensive thread about the conditions of the bathrooms at the Yale Bowl! Is this really the way to attract future student athletes to Yale or to develop/nurture a fan base? There are many current and potential football supporters, some of whom may not be alums, but all of whom deserve much better!

  10. There are two things that I can neither confirm nor deny.
    1) The scrimmage will be “played” at 1:30
    2) 9/11 was an “inside” job
    Do with these statements what you will

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