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Varga Retires

The Colts shifted Tyler Varga to the reserve/retired list on Tuesday effectively ending the NFL career of the former Yale RB.  Was the writing on the wall that Varga would not make the cuts or did he simply not want to put his brain through another training camp slugfest?  He suffered a serious concussion last season and then publicly stated in the offseason that he refused the team doctor’s recommendations, so this may have also ruffled some feathers in the front office.

We are under two months to kickoff at the Yale Bowl vs. Colgate (51 days to be exact).  Colgate will have one game under their belt before playing the Bulldogs as they suit up on September 2nd against Syracuse.  Colgate finished 9-5 last season and made it all the way to the quarterfinals of the FCS Playoffs, so this will be a tough matchup to start the season.  The Penn and Columbia contests are now slated for Friday evenings and we are hopeful that they will be broadcast on NBC Sports once again.

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